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Lyrics: The All Seeing Eye


By Averroes Jr

Afghanistan’s opium production’s on the rise, now the DEA is busting one dealer but smuggling twenty by

All the money drugs and guns provides a culture that’s designed, for the Protocols of Zion to become a reality on the ground

So this Masonic-run corruption is printing eyes in dollar signs, as Satanic cults adjust to men like Bush and Colin Powell

Preaching freedom love and Jesus, to believers like the Bible preachers, readers though would know that those priests deceived us since they grieved on Jesus

Jesus even warned about those peoples that would ‘Come between us’, Jesus even said that they would use His name to spread their evils

Look this ain’t no joke, they f**king broke a deal with Devil’s daemons, just focus on the Cross behind the pope, it’s upside down and you can f**king see it

Hanging from the ceiling like a Devil’s piece you best believe it, and in a way unraveling conspiracies and 9/11’s evil theories

Symbolizing Satan’s secrets using geometric reverse, flip any geometric symbol upside down and guaranteed you’ll feel the daemons

Skulls and Bones or Bloods and Crypts both prey on life with “Spoons and Needles”, just read your book or check the scripts ’cause ignorance is how they beat us

Only we can help reveal ‘em ’cause nobody can catch ‘em scheemin, this is NOT the century that’s meant to be for THEIR decievin’……..


Archive for the ‘Global Warming’


The Big Picture

Posted by Stefan on 16th May 2007


Architecture & Design Backgrounder


Buildings produce roughly a third of carbon dioxide emissions and other emissions that harm air quality. Additionally, buildings generate waste during construction and operation; can have poor indoor air quality, affecting worker health; and often don’t consider the impact made on the community through increased transportation, sprawl, and cultural and historical impact. By integrating natural resource, human health, and community concerns into building design and construction, architects and designers can create buildings that are cleaner, healthier for occupants and the environment, and which deplete fewer resources. Read the rest of this entry » Continue reading ‘Archive for the ‘Global Warming’’


My Dream and the Color of Suffering


Michael C. Ruppert

I want you to consider some quotes. Then I want you to decide for yourself whether or not the suffering of one class, race or group of people somehow trivializes or makes less painful the suffering of another, separate class.

In her book Kiss The Boys Goodbye, about the struggles to find and bring home Vietnam POWs, Emmy Award winning former 60 MINUTES Producer Monika Jensen-Stevenson tells of Henry Kissinger describing military personnel as “mindless beasts.” Later in the book her husband Bill, a veteran war correspondent and author, recounts the attitudes of French agents who financed wars in Indochina with opium. He said about the French, “They said that to save France, you had to destroy the human garbage. If the garbage sustained its drug addiction by spending huge amounts of money, and if that money financed wars in Indochina against communism – well, then you got some benefit from the human garbage!”

In 1972, while I was attending UCLA, my closest friend on campus, Craig Fuller, surprised me one day. I had been interning in the Office of LAPD Chief Ed Davis and was committed to a career in law enforcement. I had taken a special interest in narcotics. Craig said to me about drugs, “It’s just weeding out the gene pool.” I sat in Craig’s White House office in 1981 and complained of CIA drug dealing. Craig went on to become George Bush’s Chief of Staff in 1985. Continue reading ‘My Dream and the Color of Suffering’


From Adolf Hitler to George Bush Jnr, US capitalism’s unbroken link

When I started putting this essay together, it started out as investigation of Richard Armitage as a typical example of the kind of people employed to run the United States on behalf of their imperialist masters. Then I came across a piece written in 2000 by Michael Ruppert of Beyond the Wilderness, that broadened my inquiries as the article links Kellog Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton to the worldwide distribution of drugs via the global network that Halliburton owns or operates on behalf of the US government and various corporations including major oil companies. A network that evolved over time initially through the CIA’s connection to the drug trade in the Golden Triangle but which has its roots in Nazi Germany over thirty years earlier and its connection to US big business. And in the post-war period, Brown Brothers Harriman were also involved in laundering Nazi money through a Dutch-based bank. Continue reading ‘From Adolf Hitler to George Bush Jnr, US capitalism’s unbroken link’


Green Building Revolution

The green building movement is starting to make serious progress, reports E – The Environmental Magazine in its January/February 2007 cover story (now posted at Eco-friendly construction is on the rise, from single-family houses and planned communities to schools, hospitals and other large built environments. Continue reading ‘Green Building Revolution’


Water Fuel Cell

The water fuel cell, named by American Stanley Meyer, is a device claimed to convert water into its component elements, hydrogen and oxygen (water electrolysis – 2H2O → 2H2 + O2), using less energy than that present in the elements’ bond itself. The water fuel cell could reportedly produce several times more energy than it consumes. In practice, an engine would be connected to a cell and, through the combustion process, convert the hydrogen back into water (2H2 + O2 → 2H2O). At least one car prototype reportedly powered by a water fuel cell has been assembled.[1] Continue reading ‘Water Fuel Cell’


Heal the Ozone Layer

The thin Ozone layer is made of Oxygen3, it now has major holes in it. The holes are as large as countries. The holes let the harmful UV rays to hit the earth. More sun burns and more skin cancer, let alone knowing what it is doing to the plants and animals. They used to blame the ozone braking up on perfluorocarbons (spray paint, freon, and other products) but now they finally admit it is the SMOG that is causing all the trouble. The Oil Corp.s spend millions on disinformation people and lobbists who asy no SMOG is good for the planet. We will all die eventually by greenhouse gasses and global warming as the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate.. We need to get rid of SMOG and need more oxygen. Burning the rain forest does not help, paving paradise with parking lots, and development, cement and asphalt not planting green plants, lawns, gardens are needed more. We need a Green Revolution. Continue reading ‘Heal the Ozone Layer’

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