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DUA:Directed Brain Waves

(Taken from the book —ISLAM)

by Ahmed Hulusi

DUA IS THE WEAPON OF THE BELIEVER (mumin),” says RasulAllah! Are we really aware why it is so important to practice “DUA?”

What is “DUA” and what is it for? As there is no god-out-there, beyond yourself, then to whom do you pray (practice dua)? Let us try to answer those questions now…

Duais an action of directing brain waves!

Let us recall some of the information we had given earlier in our previous pages …

Human, in respect to its “reality,” (haqiqat) is a content composed of Names that belonged to ALLAH… That is, human is like a formula composed of meanings that the Beautiful Names of ALLAH carry. To express it in a different way, ALLAH has rendered human as a kaliph of Himself on earth by means of making him exist via the meanings of Hu’s Beautiful Names.

After various transformations, those meanings of Names have been unfolded in the human brain in a form as it was ordained.

According to the statement (hukm) that You cannot will except by the will of ALLAH, your DUA (prayer) in reality is nothing but a wish belonging to ALLAH.However, there is a SYSTEM and ORDER by ALLAH, known as “sunnatAllah.” Here, such a wish originated from the Beautiful Names of ALLAH is sometimes revealed as a “DUAfrom within yourself.Although it is commonly believed under the influence materialistic view that people could communicate with each other only by the agency of their lips and ears, communication is, in fact, a interaction between brains. There are so many times that we sense, perceive such a relation but cannot explain it logically due to lack of knowledge. Your “intuition” is a result of your early perception of incoming waves…

DUA” arises from the Names of ALLAH (asma-uAllah) that is within your own essence and reveals as a wave directed for a purpose and reaches the aim. So, “DUA” is not a demand from a god outside yourself, but rather is a wish originated by ALLAH in your essence.

In another way of looking, “DUA” is the most powerful weapon for achieving your expectations. It is an appreciation of the power and potency belonging to “ALLAH” within your own essence.

You will pray, practice “dua,” so then you will direct the course of events, if that resided in your destiny. In fact, it is Hu’s self who directs, not you!The same way as the parasite signals are reduced when the earth’s semi-sphere turned back on the sun and short wave reception becomes powerful, human brain also becomes more sensitive and most powerful especially during midnight at late hours. This is the case both for reception (inspiration) and transmission (dua– praying). The importance of night time is particularly due to this fact in the “Deen-i Islam. People lacking the practice dua, will suffer the detriment of both the appreciation and the potencies within their own essence and also the benefits resulting from praying. DUA is an exercise of the power belonged to ALLAH within your own essence.The fact that RasulAllah has prayed so often does not mean that he has asked for things from a god outside himself, but instead it shows that he has channeled the power and potency within himself that belongs to ALLAH, in the direction of his wishes.The more a person’s brain capability is powerful, the more one’s prayers (dua) and brain transmission are effective… You broadcast all your thoughts over the earth to the degree that your brain power allows, not only at times when you are communicating, but while you are thinking as well. And those frequencies are received by other corresponding receptive brains and are assessed as intuition or inspiration. It is in that respect that some of the effectual (authoritative) spiritual people,” known as “irshad qutubs” in Sufism exercise power of disposal. What is known as reaching “enlightenment” (al faydh) is nothing other than a brain’s assisted revelation after another powerful brain’s transmission of directed waves. We have given detailed information about that in our book “DUA and ZIKR” which I strongly recommend you to read!..

In this chapter, we have tried to make you realize that “DUA” is one of the most effective tools in human’s life. Let us know that “ALLAH will respond you from within yourself. Hu’s being aware of everything in your mind, is a result of your being brought into existence through Hu’s own being and of Hu’s revealing those that income from Hu through yourself.

Every person must continuously keep practicing “DUA,” and prayers at whatever spiritual state or level of awareness one is at, as RasulAllah did. It will be known more clearly in the life beyond death that nothing would have brought better income than one’s “DUA” and prayers.

May ALLAH make us realize the importance of “DUA,” appreciate it in our lifetimes as much as possible and therefore empower our “spirits.” And… May ALLAH make all these easy for us!


Basic Islamic Concepts in the Light of the Quran




Quran & Democracy

Are they compatible?

Thursday September 22nd, 2005, by Muhammed Asadi

What has happened in modern bureaucratic societies, that parade as democracies (like the USA), is that the chance to reason and the ability to be free has been lost (see that is the nature of a bureaucratic society: a society where standardization is the norm and the person is surrounded by rules that govern behavior from birth to death. Such “democracies” exists in form only and not in essence, here choices are not formulated by a “public” but rather insinuated upon a highly propagandized “mass society” that knows next to nothing regarding public issues. This is achieved by control of the “cultural apparatus” by a small aristocracy, the Power Elite. The “cultural apparatus”- language, education, status and technology- with the media and the formal educational institutions playing a dominant role, thus ensures that this elite achieves cultural hegemony. The person thinks he or she is free and living under a “democracy” but the reality of the situation is much different. Continue reading ‘DEMOCRACY IN THE QUR’AN -I-‘


Salat Timings of Quran, part-II

Salat Timings of Quran are mentioned in the following verses:

In Quran 11:114, three Salat Times are described at both ends of the day, and at night.

And establish regular prayers at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night. (Sura Hud (11), 114. Translation by Yusuf Ali). Continue reading ‘Salat Timings of Quran, part-II’


What Is Salat?

By Layth Al-Shaiban (e-mail:


The word “Salat” and its derivates occur in the Scripture over 70 times and is emphasized by God Almighty as a critical aspect for the spiritual development and progress of believers.


The Sunni and Shia sects have all claimed that the Quran does not contain the details of Salat and that such omission is enough to reject God’s assertion that the Quran is complete and detailed. 


This article will attempt to deconstruct the myths and lies that have been associated with this topic for far too long. Continue reading ‘What Is Salat?’


Timings Of Salat According To The Quran

Prayer stands with only four others as the fundamental pillars of Islam. Above all other rules and guidelines set for all Muslims, the five pillars of Islam are the ones that set the very infrastructure of the religion, without which, everything else falls apart. How is it then that so much discussion can erupt over marginal, and often ridiculous, questions while a subject as essential and fundamental to the Islamic religion, the Salat, is left untouched? Like everything else underlined in the Quran, the Salat is clearly discussed in the Holy Book, with no ambiguity of any type. And if indeed what sets the Quran apart from other Holy scriptures is the fact that it comes directly from God, why is it then that Believers must search elsewhere for what is already stated entirely on the pages and in the ayaat of the Holy Book? Continue reading ‘Timings Of Salat According To The Quran’


Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format?

It is the opinion of some believers that the code of the Quran (19) confirms that the 24434 format of the Salat has been preserved across the ages. This paper aims in Sha Allah to verify this claim.

With the use of the 24434 format and various other variables, these believers proceeded to form linear arrangments (numbers placed side by side), all of which produced multiples of nineteen.

Consequently, it was declared that these findings are awesome signs which indicate the 24434 to be the correct format for prayer.

It is the aim here to verify mathematically the truth and validity of such findings, and whether these signs truly present divine signs for such a claim or not.

This paper also poses the question of (What is the possibility of obtaining similar results by using a different format than 24434?)

_____________________ Continue reading ‘Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format?’

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