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From Radical to Reformed Muslim

By Jamie Glazov | Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Edip Yuksel, a Kurdish-Turkish-American author and progressive activist who spent four years in Turkish prisons in the 1980’s for his political writings and activities promoting an Islamic revolution in Turkey. He experienced a paradigm change in 1986 transforming him from a Sunni Muslim leader to a reformed Muslim or rational monotheist.

Edip Yuksel has written more than twenty books and hundreds of articles on religion, politics, philosophy and law in Turkish, and numerous articles and booklets in English. He is the founder of and the Islamic Reform organization. His personal site is Continue reading ‘From Radical to Reformed Muslim’


Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format?

It is the opinion of some believers that the code of the Quran (19) confirms that the 24434 format of the Salat has been preserved across the ages. This paper aims in Sha Allah to verify this claim.

With the use of the 24434 format and various other variables, these believers proceeded to form linear arrangments (numbers placed side by side), all of which produced multiples of nineteen.

Consequently, it was declared that these findings are awesome signs which indicate the 24434 to be the correct format for prayer.

It is the aim here to verify mathematically the truth and validity of such findings, and whether these signs truly present divine signs for such a claim or not.

This paper also poses the question of (What is the possibility of obtaining similar results by using a different format than 24434?)

_____________________ Continue reading ‘Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format?’


19 – Fact or Fiction?

Written By Layth (

Disclaimer. The reader is strongly advised to independently verify all information given as per 17:36.

I have recently written an article which referred to the Quran’s mathematical miracle relating to
the number 19. Needless to say, the article has caused many questions to be raised, especially
regarding the factuality or fictionality of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19.

I will attempt to share with the reader my own research and findings regarding this question and
hopefully provide a satisfactory answer.

This paper will deal with the question of whether a pattern relating to the number 19 is a reality in
the Quran or whether it is a fabrication and manipulation of numbers and data. Continue reading ’19 – Fact or Fiction?’


Code 19

No, don’t you see? This would be different. This isn’t just starting the universe out with some precise mathematical laws that determine physics and chemistry. This is a message. Whoever makes the universe hides messages in transcendental numbers so they’ll be read fifteen billion years later when intelligent life finally evolves. I criticized you and Rankin the time we first met for not understanding this. ‘If God wanted us to know that he existed, why didn’t he send us an unambiguous message?’ I asked. Remember?”
“I remember very well. You think God is a mathematician.” Continue reading ‘Code 19’

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“Virtual Insanity”

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