by Ahmed Hulusi 

Zhikr, as we have commonly heard, is practiced in order to find favor in the eyes of a “god-out-there” by repeating his names!

Is it really for that?

In order to understand the reality about this theme, we must first of all realize “what and who the mentioned being is

Shall we practice zhikr (mentioning – meditation) of a “GOD” or of “ALLAH?” Most of the readers will naturally ask the following question now:

“—What difference does it make? Call him “GOD” or “ALLAH!” They are all the same! We, the Westerners have named him GOD! God is great!..”

No! God is not great! God is non-existent! Nonsense is any concept of a god!..

Who says it?.. It is said in the “Deen-i ISLAM” and in its holy book Koran al Karim that explains Islam! Rasul of ALLAH Mohammed Mustafa (peace be upon him) says that!

We have tried to clarify the vital importance of the difference between the concept “ALLAH” and any concept of a “GOD,” in great details in our books “Mysteries of Human” and “ALLAH as Introduced by Mohammed” which is printed nine times in English and we have tried to explain the “Deen-i ISLAM” based on the concept “ALLAH.

Nobody can comprehend what the Deen-i ISLAM is about and why it has ever come, unless one fully understands the difference in meaning between a concept of god and the name ALLAH signifies. Without understanding it, one keeps misinterpreting the matter of RELIGION! Furthermore, one can never understand the reason why the practices (prayers-ibadat) in the “Deen-i ISLAM” have been suggested for human beings.

Therefore, we must, before all, fully comprehend the difference between what the word “god” refers to and the meaning that is denoted by the name “ALLAH!

What does the name “GOD” tell us?

The word “God” is about a being afar-off yourself, myself, ourselves and away from the whole existence, who created the everything from outside, who observes us from outside and who, based on his judgement about ourselves, will either throw us into his Hell or admit us to his Paradise!..

Majority of humankind including all the religious authorities, who took the religious scriptures literally and could not go further beyond analogies, do believe in a “god.” They defend “that god” and endeavor to overrule people in the name of “that god!” The intellectuals and the people of reasoning do not believe in such a god, as they have conceived that there could not be such a thing. Therefore they do not give heed to the words of religious authorities.

Yet, the understanding of the “Deen” based on the concept “ALLAH” is a reality commonly cherished and experienced by all the Sufis and Awliyah (Saints)! Unfortunately, very few of men have been aware of this fact!..

According to the Koran al Karim that explains such a reality, “ALLAH” created the universe and everything that is perceived to be present, “within the Science (ilm) of Hu, through the Power (qudrat) of Hu and by means of the qualities that Beautiful Names (asma-ul husna) of Hu refer to.” As a result of this, what we call the laws of nature or the universal ORDER is nothing other than the ORDER and the SYSTEM of “ALLAH.” By the same token, humans are in need of becoming aware of “ALLAH within their own ESSENCE and turn toward their essence instead of worshipping a “god” outside themselves.

All of the Awliyah in all times, have sought to direct people toward an understanding of “Deen” established on the concept “ALLAH” and toward a spiritual state of “awe” (hashyat) resulting from their understanding. On the other hand, the formalist religious authorities have always portrayed a “god afar-off” and have tried to make people get scared of him in order that they could establish their supremacy…

Neither the Koran and nor Hazrat Mohammed (peace be upon him) described a “god-out-there” who is watching us from outside, and who will judge by our deeds and make up his mind, and consequently throw us into his Hell or admit to his Paradise…

On the contrary, our holy Book and the Rasul of ALLAH inform us about “ALLAH being within ourselves, in our Essence who formed our own reality (haqiqat)!

That’s why such an act as gossiping about someone or misleading, cheating one, acting bad, or a wrongful seizure has in fact been done to “ALLAH” who is the Truth (haqiqat) of that person.

It is by the same reason that the Rasul of ALLAH notified: “One has not been grateful for ALLAH until he is grateful for people!..

That is, it is “ALLAH” within the Essence (ultimate core) of anything perceived Whom you turn toward to thank, not an imagined god afar off you that you have created in your illusion. We cannot understand the perfection (superiority) of the “Deen-i ISLAM” up until we grasp this reality properly!

If so, may we ever name “ALLAH” as a male “GOD?

It will be our next topic!




by Ahmed Hulusi

A group of unaware people who pass judgements about the “Religion” based on their hearsay and false information, have been employing the word “GOD” instead of the name “ALLAH,” being unaware of the matter and thinking that these words both carry the same meaning, and also relating it with their patriotism according to their whims…

In the previous chapter, I have tried to make it clear that any concept that the word “god” refers to is completely different in meaning than what the name “ALLAH” refers to. These are two different words with completely different meanings.

Shall we now make it clear through a passage from the Koran Interpretation written by the excellent interpreter Hamdi Yazir of Elmali in 1940’s, which is most comprehensive and detailed interpretation published in Turkish by the Religious Affairs Directorate. Let us see what he says in it:

“The word ALLAH has never been applied to anything other than ALLAH, neither in proper form nor in common. Take the names such as “ilah” and “huda,” for example; none of them is a proper noun as “ALLAH.” They imply a concept of “god” (ilaah), “lord” (rabb) or “idol” (maabud). It has been said “gods”(alihatun) as the plural form of “god,” “lords” (arbab) as of “lord,” etc…Unlike, it has never been said “ALLAHS” and can never be said so. If we hear such a usage of words from someone, we conclude that he is ignorant and negligent. The noun “GOD” is not like this; you can even call false idols as “gods.” Pagans (mushrikeen) even used to worship many gods. Some of them had so-and-so gods, others had so-and-so gods.So, the common name GOD is not synonymous for the proper noun “ALLAH,” and is not an equivalent for “ALLAH.” “God” is a very common phrase! Therefore one should never translate the name “ALLAH” as “GOD.” (Vol. 1, p. 24-25)One should never call “ALLAH” as “god,” according to this excellent Koran Interpretation written in Turkish.We must also take the following significant differences into consideration:

The word “god” is a common adjective, yet “ALLAH” is a proper noun for the Unique Essence (zat), out of Whose there is nothing independent in existence.

I mean, that is not a matter of mere languages or word pronunciation. There is an enormous difference between the meanings of these two words.

An understanding of a religion with a “god” or a concept of “godliness” is groundless and false!

The original “Deen-i ISLAM” in effect is fully based on the meaning denoted by the name “ALLAH.”

The statement “la ilaha ill-Allah” means “there is no god, there is ALLAH alone.” In order to be an earnest Muslim, we must first distinct that difference in meaning properly.

If we limit our comprehension fixed with a concept of a “god,” we suffer the detriment of the meaning the name “ALLAH” refers to, for it will consequently make us losers of the treasure of khaliphness (khilafat) mystery.

“God” is a being out-there, afar-off yourself, that is worshipped!

“ALLAH” is the Reality (haqiqat) within your Essence, Who is being served all along!

“God” is a bugaboo to be “frightened!”

“ALLAH” is the source of a “deep reverence,” an “awe” (hashyat) for the people of insight, which is generated through comprehension of their nothingness beside the limitlessness and infinity.

“God” is a ruler and a judge afar-off, assumed to be out-there, which is sculpted in the minds of inefficient people according to their fancies.

“ALLAH,” unlike, is the One and the only Absolute Being, Who created the universes through Hu’s own being and Who is being experienced along with Hu’s Names (asma) at every particle, with none else to be compared onto Hu…

“God” is a fictitious balooney sculpted in people’s minds in accordance with the humankind’s perception, adorned and smartened up with various faculties and assumed as a possessor of people’s imaginary ascriptions, at every age and in every community depending on the level of people’s understanding.

“ALLAH” is Ahad (the Ultimate Whole), Samed, Lamyalid and Lamyulad.

Well, if so, can there be someone who is authorized to rule IN THE NAME OF “ALLAH” and the DEEN?



21 Responses to “COULD WE NAME “ALLAH” AS “GOD”?”

  1. 1 Eagle
    November 16, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    “God” is a being out-there, afar-off yourself, that is worshipped!

    “ALLAH” is the Reality (haqiqat) within your Essence, Who is being served all along!

    “God” is a bugaboo to be “frightened!”

    “ALLAH” is the source of a “deep reverence,” an “awe” (hashyat) for the people of insight, which is generated through comprehension of their nothingness beside the limitlessness and infinity.

    “God” is a ruler and a judge afar-off, assumed to be out-there, which is sculpted in the minds of inefficient people according to their fancies.

    “ALLAH,” unlike, is the One and the only Absolute Being, Who created the universes through Hu’s own being and Who is being experienced along with Hu’s Names (asma) at every particle, with none else to be compared onto Hu…

    I am a Christian and refer to God as God, but I can tell you that most Christians feel about God, the description given here about Allah (just letting you know).

    My biggest question is, why are there so many rules, just to worship God? I read in one blog, all the rules surrounding whether or not a person who is not Arab is allowed to say the words God is Great in Arabic or not, and how the rules apply. A whole blog entry on just that. It seems to me that some have gotten so involved in rules and regulations that they have forgotten God altogether.

  2. 2 Sukran
    November 16, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    Eagle said:

    I agree, Eagle. We have put so many rules, regulations, ceremonies, customs, habits, rites, dogmas, etc. in our religions sadly most of them from the practices of ancient religions and we have forgotten the facts about the God. This is valid for every religion. For example, we call God as “He” which is impsossible. When we call God as “He” we already limit the God. Can you imagine the results of this misconception? Can you imagine a God without any gender?

    This article’s author is a sufi. He believes God is everywhere, in ever spirit and every soul. Everthing and everybody is a particle of the God. If I wrote this article I would have also indicated that there were people who killed innocents in the name of their God. So, that is true that, there is no doubt everybody have forgotten the God altogether.

    I am sorry if article seems offensive, it is because it does not concern to have balance and being neutral. If some have wrong ideas on God, there are a lot of people who have totally wrong understanding about Allah as well.

    We cannot ignore that Christianity and Islam have few differences in their philosophy of God. I understand Yehova’s Witnesses’ philosophy on God, but as a Muslim I cannot understand Christian understanding of God. I know most Christians believe in God that similar to I believe. I also know some Arab Christians in Middle East call God as Allah.

    However, still, Christianity and Islam are mentioning different understanding about God and there are issues, such as God (or Allah) does not have child and would not order to murder innocent.

    I especially chose this article because this subject is the biggest controversy which causes conflicts between Christianity and Islam for no reason. I wish there was an open debate between Christians and Muslims on this subject, so, we can make each other to see our misunderstandings if there is any.

    Islam has been seen as a threat for Christianity since its beginning. At some point we will have to have this debate to be ‘good neihgbors or residents’ of the world for each other. We cannot spend rest of our time on the earth while arguing on the issues we have different point of view. Everbody would benefit from this kind of conflict resolution and dialogue since everybody would learn and understand multiply perspectives of issues.

    I am hoping that I am not being rude or insensitive to your belief.


  3. 3 Eagle
    November 17, 2007 at 7:02 am


    I took no offence to the article, I merely wanted to point out the fact that we aren’t that different. I always thought that Allah was Arabic for God.

    Peace as well 😀

  4. 4 Eagle
    November 17, 2007 at 7:05 am

    Oh and if you understand Jehovah Witness’s your doing better than me lol.

  5. November 20, 2007 at 12:37 am


    I do not have detailed information about them but they are regularly leaving their magazines to my home, they look nice and they know I am Muslim. 🙂

  6. 6 Eagle
    November 20, 2007 at 4:55 am

    Its considered a cult by most Christians.

  7. November 20, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    Yes, I know but I really do not know what their real goal is. For example, some of cults in Islam are considered as unacceptable or against Islam, etc. If you ask me all of the Islamic sects and cults are against Qur’an since Qur’an is suggesting to not to be seperated in religion. How about Jehova’s Witnesses?

  8. 8 Eagle
    November 20, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    Jehovah Witness people aren’t against the Bible they just interpret it in a different way, that is to say, they think the meaning of this verse or that is different than what everbody else thinks it is. They don’t believe in Hell, and their Heaven is a bit ‘out there’ too. I’m not up to date now, as I used to be. I had a friend who was a Jehovah Witness, but that was years ago so I have forgotten some of it. Anyway they believe that only 100,000 are going to heaven, at least I think that is what I remember, everyone else just dies. Which kind of defeats the purpose, I mean why are you worshipping God?? The 100,000 number is from the scripture referring to the end times which I will eventually be getting to.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t say for sure if I am right in this, it has been years since I learned about Jehovah Witnesses. I’ll see what I can find out for you. I know that they spend a great deal of time going door to door with their stuff, the same way that Mormons (another considered cult) do. When I was a kid, I saw much more of them than I have for years. I had wondered what happened, I think it was all those signs on peoples doors saying ‘no solicitors’. You can spot Mormon ‘missionaries’ because they are normally on bikes in a blue or black suit and tie, with white shirt. Like I said, I’ll see what I can find out for you. 😀

  9. November 20, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    They caught my attention with their ideas on Trinity and their consistent recognition on obvious widespread mistakes and corruption, such as murder, terror, war, ethical problems, family issues, etc. They seem they are too conservative, but they bring understandable solutions for common mistakes. Other than these I do not know what really they seek.

    As I said Trinity is one of those things I even cannot imagine, so I understand their language of belief better than that accepts Trinity. Honestly, I did not make attention that they refuse some part of hereinafter, I did not make attention since we have no chance to find out before we die, so why we would spend time for something we do not have enough knowledge. I am not planning to become one of them, I am happy by being a Muslim, but they have a church close to my home, I have a sense and somehow that makes me miss such place to pray in it. I have to wear headscarf if I want to pray in a mosque and I do not wear when I pray privately. My hypocrisy bothers me.

    So, that is all for now. I will update if I get new info about them.

  10. 10 Eagle
    November 20, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    It isn’t your hypocrisy, but the ones who hand out the rules. Obviously if you could pray without a scarf you would. So how is that hypocrisy on your part?? Self preservation is not always hypocrisy, sometimes its just smart. It would only be hypocrisy if you were to force others to do what you would not do. 😀

  11. November 21, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    Well, it still is kind of hypocrisy because I believe nobody have no right to say anything if I pray without a scarf in a mosque, it is only my decision how I pray. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not care others, it all depends on my mood, inner pressure and strength at that time. 🙂

    The thing which bothers me is I definitely know that I am the one who thinks right about this issue and I have to stand behind my belief with consistency no matter what.

  12. 12 Eagle
    November 21, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    Sure enough, I think that’s true who ever you are. Only you will stand before God and give account for your life. So only you should be allowed to dictate how, when, and where, you worship. I don’t think its right for others to push their views on somebody else. 😦

    On this Thanksgiving holiday, I posted the story from your blog of Ahmed Mansour on all 5 of my blogs. We in the West take for granted our religious freedom, it is a good reminder of how others don’t have that luxury. It is a message that should be spread as far and wide as possible. The feedback I have gotten has been very positive for the most part. From Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I hope that by Monday more people will see and comment on the article.

    We all have problems with worrying about what ‘others would say’. In America, most people don’t care because it wouldn’t change their life. In Muslim nations, it could cost you your life. So like I said there is nothing wrong with self preservation. If it doesn’t matter one way or another, I mean if it wouldn’t effect you criminally, then I would say, to thine own self be true.

  13. November 21, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    I absolutely agree with you.

    You know Eagle, what is religious freedom? This is;

    “Jehovah Witness people aren’t against the Bible they just interpret it in a different way…”

    Your sentence hit me at first sight, because I was expecting a different expression than this. In Muslim contries if someone interpret Qur’an different than the majority, as you know, most of the time they are called as apostates. Christianity has freedom in its own, this type of freedom is what Islam immediately need to establish. Thanks again for your effort.

    What your other 5 blogs by the way? I tried to find my old comments’ follow ups but I am getting lost when I am looking for my comments in ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. If you answered in there sorry for repeating my question. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!

  14. 14 Eagle
    November 22, 2007 at 4:29 am


    I haven’t erased any comments so give me an idea of what your looking for and I will go through everything and see if I can find it. My other blog address’s are below, they all say the same thing but only wordpress and 360 are completely up to date. My Multiply blog gets a fair amount of traffic from Muslims and non-Muslims which has been great. We have great dialog which is something I have been working towards.

    The first blog is the one your familar with. The second is a community of bloggers where I have many Muslim friends and commentors, but that blog isn’t complete. The third blog is another community of bloggers and all posts are on that blog. The last two aren’t complete either, but eventually they will have everything that my wordpress blog has. I feel so strongly about the message of cooperation and communication that I have 5 blogs so that as many people as possible can see the blog. Unfortunately I don’t know how to promote my blog so I have more readers. The blogs below are listed in the orders of my most favorite to least. I’d say go to Multiply if you want to get into conversations with people. Also, you can see all my blogs have the same title. 😀






  15. November 22, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    You do not erase comments for certain, I am sure.

    It was my bad, I should have note the posts I left my comments under. I asked the same question I asked about your blogs on your blog, I did not say my comment got lost, I am, myself, getting lost among all those interesting material. Again, I did not say comment got lost, and I apologize for my prior wrongful assumption. Thanks for the information on your blogs, it seems I will get lost more frequently, but I will start to manage better the comments I leave in different blogs.


  16. 16 Eagle
    November 23, 2007 at 4:53 am

    No worries 😀

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  19. August 17, 2011 at 11:38 am

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