The Idolatry That Has Sneaked Into Islam


Friday September 16 2005 16:17:23 PM BDT
Mesbah Uddin, UK


History indicates that idolatry is somewhat human instinct. Apparently, its power of toxicity is hypnotic.

The Idolatry That Has Sneaked Into Islam

Apart from those who pay divine honour to an image, statue or natural object as symbol of god, the word “idolater” is equally rooted into those who devote intense and blind affection, adoration or admiration to anyone, not normally an object of worship.

Strangely enough, this indelible definition in English has no known deviation in any other language. No doubt, labelling Islam with idolatry will make the Jihad Islamists run for their swords. Frankly speaking, it will induce disbelief to many. After all, the pivotal point of Islam is on an unseen God.

It was this unseen and oneness of God – free from human jealousy, temptation, adoration, and lust that Prophet Mohammed ever preached for his faith – Islam. Islam was then a legacy of Abraham reshaped in a desert and not an innovative religion. He must have despised idolatry so much that he faced towards Jerusalem for his prayer rituals until those 360 idols in the Kaba, were totally destroyed.

History indicates that idolatry is somewhat human instinct. Apparently, its power of toxicity is hypnotic. With all their philosophy, law, science and literature, the great civilizations of the Greeks and the Romans had idolatry rooted in their source of inspiration. The deities and their powers were numerous. Hypnos, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena and Apollo are just a few to mention here that represent gods and goddesses for dream, love, harvest, health and medicine. Zeus was the greatest god of all. Greek and Roman mythology had similar gods and goddesses.

A few years after Christianity got the imperial seal of approval in the Roman Empire, a great ecumenical conference was held at Nicaea in 325 AD. It was presided by the Emperor Constantin himself. Here, Jesus was declared as God by the votes of the Bishops. The diehard Christians, who once remained hidden for the fear of getting turned into dinners for the imperial lions, suddenly got licensed in formulating the Christian doctrines. So they shaped Christianity in the model of the Hellenism in order to appease the old-guards – the idolaters.

The Romans and the Greeks, assigned to the task of formulating the creeds of Christianity, could not compromise with only one image of god. The monotheistic theme of Judaism was galvanized into their traditional belief in the plurality of gods. Consequently, they had induced three images into one Jesus and he turned out to be the composite of “father”, “son” and the “holy ghost”. Finally, the Nicene Creed was formalized and it reads: “We believe in one God, …. Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, …..God from God, Light from Light,……”. After all, thousands of years’ beliefs and practices in the plurality of gods could not just vanish away in thin air. The vestments of the priests, the use of incense and holy water in purification, burning of candles, light before the altars are still the reminiscence of the pagan Rome.

More with a similar blueprint, the companions of Prophet Muhammad, emerged from a pagan society and geared to worshipping 360 idols in the Kaba, could not compromise with a religion with just one unseen God. Despite being forbidden repeatedly in the Koran, their tentacles of idolatry, soaked with outpouring adoration for Muhammad, had intricately tangled up both God and his messenger together in the formulation of Islamic creeds, and practices. Eventually, these idolatry-creeds reshaped Islam after Muhammad.

Perhaps, a vast number of Muslims would get a thunderous shock after realizing that their intense and often blind adoration to Muhammad is nothing short of an idolatry – if not identical to the Hindus, Buddhists and the Catholic-Christians. The passionate admiration for Muhammad is often contrary to Koranic value and decency.

It gives a concussion when the Islamic evangelists fanatically depict an erotic relation of God with Muhammad. Though not supported by the Koran, they emphatically affirm that God had addressed Muhammad and said: “Were it not for you, my love, I wouldn’t have created the universe”.

Millions of Muslims feel elated in expressing their amorous feelings for Muhammad through a ritual – the Milad. In fact the Milad, though means a birth anniversary, is embedded as a serenade to Muhammad with the same compelling feelings of eroticism, befitting for two lovers. A few samples of those strange lyrics are: “O Muhammad, your prettiness is unparalleled, we have never seen before. O Muhammad, my love you are the bride of my beating heart. You are a healing drink for our hearts” – and the like. The Milad ritual actually originated in British-India. Its lyrics, contain a number of erotic expressions, could make even Romeo blush with futile envy.

The religious guidelines of the Muslims, set by Muhammad’s companions, hardly deviated from those idolaters against whom he maintained an unceasing dissension. Presumably, the passions of Islamic idolatry occasionally supersede the needs surrounding the living and the dead. Even though Prophet Muhammad died about 1,400 years ago, his followers still believe that he is in a perpetual need for well-being. This is evident in the wordings of the Muslim Prayers that have been consecrated to requesting God for granting Muhammad with the equivalency of dignity, abundance, wealth and sufficiency as God once had granted to Abraham.

Most Muslims normally attend two major gatherings for prayers – Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha. During the waiting period before the Imam starts the formal prayer, every one has to participate in a prescribed chant. The story behind this chant appears to be the occasion when the Prophet was advancing towards Mecca from Medina for the takeover. The chanting was the words of his companions, screamed in the jubilation of conquering Mecca.

It contains request to God for the well-being of the family, wives, descendants, helpers and the companions of the Prophet. Viewing from the historical perspective, this ritual is totally irrelevant and outdated in relation to today’s scene. Even though we have numerous Islamic scholars, especially those of the Al-Azhar, the tenets of Islam still are more of a reminiscent of Islam’s infancy than the need for keeping pace with time, literacy, knowledge, information and the progress of the world.

The superfluous adoration for Muhammad even defies the Koranic backing. The Koran contains several verses that dictate the Muslims not to distinguish amongst the Prophets (Koran 004.152 and 002.136). There is also a reward that God has promised to those who would refrain from making any distinction. But the force of idol-worshipping instinct often supersedes the Koranic teaching. Obviously, if anyone does not believe Muhammad as the greatest of all the Prophets, would surely be rewarded – not by God but by those Madrassa-trained Jihadi Muslims with tortures, mutilation and even painful death.

Bukhari, who compiled the first Hadith in about 200 years after the death of the Prophet, was a non-Arab and so was Muslim the 2nd compiler. Bukhari was born in Uzbekistian while Muslim was from Nishapur in Persia. Their compilations are revered as marvels by the Muslims, who are heavily intoxicated with Muhammadi-cult. Bukhari had a theological conflict with his mentor – Muhammed Ibn Yahia. The conflict was caused by Bukhari’s arrogance after sensing the popularity of his compilation – Sahih Al Bukhari. He had insisted that his Hadith was no inferior to the Koran as both being the words of the Prophet. Eventually, the sultan of Uzbekistan banishment Bukhari at Khartanak where he died in 870 AD.

Many of the judges and generals, during the collapsing days of the Abbasyd dynasty, were also non-Arabs. Despite Bukhari’s doubts on the divinity of the Koran, he was often hired by the Abbasyd Judges – mostly Nestorian Christians, for authenticating their inhumane laws as consistent with the Prophet’s precedents. For centuries, the blind faith of the Islamic law-makers on the Hadith literature, containing false statements about Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and doings, have driven today’s Islam back to its initial days of idol worshipping paganism

Quite often, the Islamic evangelists and scholars quote the Koran and point out those verses where “Obey God, and obey the Messenger” appear. They then try to rationalize the excessive and blind affection, adoration or admiration to Muhammad as consistent with the Islamic paradigm, jargonized as ‘Sunnah’. Putting plainly, this phrase, “obey the Prophet” doesn’t construe copying the prophet’s personal life. Obviously, every word he ever pronounced is not divine. Had it been so, then the revelation of the voluminous Koran could contain only a couple of words – telling the Muslims to take the Prophet’s words as the words of God.

The interpretations of Islam today are despicable. Besides what Muhammad approved for those subjective situations during his time, the personal choices and practices of Muhammad, including how he kept his beard, dressed himself, cleaned teeth, foods that he liked, pets that he loved, the side of his body he slept on, and a host of other conduct of his life got elevated to the same divinity as if they were the words of God.

Presumably, these personality elements of Muhammad, have guided the West for centuries to address Islam as Mohamadan religion.

During the early days of the Prophet, Islam was modelled on a simple idea of one God. Unlike Christianity, the position of Muhammad was merely a messenger of God (Koran 3:144) and not the God himself. Islam was then perceived as a religion filled with the spirit of kindliness, generosity and brotherhood. “It was a simple and understandable religion. It made its appeal straight to the commonest instincts in the composition of ordinary men.” [H.G.Wells]. Islam, in the midst of religious taboo in the sixth century, was seen by the ordinary people as an oasis in a desert.

God, as in the Koran, asked the Prophet to say: “I am but a man like you, the inspiration has come to me, that your God is one and, ….. in the worship of your Lord, admit no one as partner. (Koran: 018.110). This is not the sole verse telling that Muhammad was “a man like you” – similar repetitions exist many times in the Koran. An undeviating significance of the position of God, in relation to His messengers, has been highlighted and emphasized repeatedly for the early Muslims who were preached by the Prophet himself.

The Koran was regarded as containing a “simple message in Arabic without complications” (Koran-39:28). However, whatever the Prophet preached during his life time, strangely got elevated to divinity after his time and had purposely been made to contain complicated dogmas by the Madrassa-trained ulemas.

Eventually, a theological nightmare crept into Islam that gave rise to fatwa, apostasy, stoning to death, honour-killing and the euphoria of exclusive sex with 70 virgins in the heaven. Despite the fact that the existing theology often contradicts the Koran itself, the forces of the Muhammadi-cult, based on the corrupted contents of the Hadith, shamefully dominate Islam today and are the driving forces behind the “Sharia Laws”.

This fierce devotion to Muhammadi-cult has substantially turned Islam into a worshipper of the messenger and forgetful of the message he ever conveyed. Plainly put, it defeats the Koranic message relative to God that reads: “You that we worship, and your aid that we seek.” (Koran: 001:005).

Merged with this blind veneration to Muhammad is also a fear of arousing Muhammad’s wrath on the Day of Judgement if “peace be unto him (PBUH)” is omitted while taking his name. No doubt some so-called scholars of Islam would interpret the use of ‘PBUH’ as a symbol of respect. But little do they ever care that a compulsive prayer for the salvation of their prophet’s sole invariably imparts an indication of his sinful life.

The Gospels’ authors – Mark, Luke and John were not disciples of Jesus. His companions were mostly illiterate fishermen. So were the companions of the Prophet – illiterate slaves, servants and Bedouins. Anas was a household servant. Bellal, a liberated slave, who initiated the wordings of the prayer call (Azan). Huraira, the tricky one, had slaves of his own. He lived close to the Prophet in Medina for some deceitful motives. Amazingly, he authored over 3,500 hadith in less than two years of his kinship with the prophet. Evidently, the credentials of these companions were neither endowed with genius scholarship, nor did they have exalted credibility. It is so unfortunate that their words, collected nearly two hundred years after their death, formed the backbone of Islamic paradigm that motivates the Jihadi Muslims to kill in the name of “Islam” that also means “peace”, besides “submission”.

The century-old imprints of these ill educated entourage impacted those custodians of Islam after Muhammad’s death. Beside shallowness of prudence and absence of legal sense, their inertia in idol-worshiping got submerged in the formulation of the “Pillars of Islam” (shahadah). So it reads: “…..I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. Giving a witness is not equivalent to having a ‘belief’, but instead it is an attestation of an event that has occurred before the viewer.

Despite the fact that the Koran prohibits giving a false witness and telling lies, the early custodians of Islam, entrusted with the formulation of the Islamic creeds, didn’t realize that none except the Angel Gabriel could testify that Muhammad had been sent by God as a messenger.

In effect, such an attestation is equivalent to telling lies under oath, a precondition to accepting Islam. Obviously, this ‘pillar’ of Islam that is fundamental to accepting Islamic faith, is obsessed with excessive admiration to Muhammad – a theme that violates the Koranic morals.

Surely, the idol worshipping euphoria has stealthily sneaked into Islamic faith and clearly tells us that today’s Islam is not the Islam that Prophet Muhammad ever preached.

[Source: The Translation of the Koran, Yousuf Ali and Pickthall; The Oecumenical Documents of the Faith, Herbert Bindley; History of the Islamic People, Carl Brockelman; Muslim Studies, Ignaz Goldziher; Classical Islam, Von Grunebaum; The Muslim Creed, A.J. Wensinck; The Outline of History, H.G. Wells; Mankind’s Search for God, various.]


Mesbah Uddin A researcher and a freelance writer has contributed this article from the United Kingdom.


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11 Responses to “The Idolatry That Has Sneaked Into Islam”

  1. 1 Reflection
    December 5, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Mesbah

    Your article is interesting and indeed thought provoking. However, be cautious as to the translation of the quran used in your research in order to justify any of your findings.As recently i have really been shocked by the amount of words being misinterpreted by authors or rather translators of the quran. Please take this on board or it may back fire on your findings.

    Your friend


  2. March 10, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Great post! I think it fair to ask Muslims to be honest about idolatry when they look at their own practices. If their religion is staunchly against idolatry, what is the right way to practice it? I see great potential in Islam, but tremendous obstacles. Thanks. I’ve posted a link to the Facebook group “Muslims Against Islamic Idolatry.”

  3. 3 Mo Khan
    October 22, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly. It is deeply concerning that zealots try to turn back the clock to the times of the prophet in hopes of recreating the perceived diligence in serving Islam when in fact they seek merely to emulate the power and influence the Prophet had in his time. Shameful idolatry based on a greed for power. Christians should similarly be mindful of the role Christ played and how the religion of Christianity as an institution differed greatly, diametrically in fact towards a deification of Jesus, his mother and later saints. Early Christians, those who sought to know, the Gnostics, were killed off because they didn’t support the institutionalization of Christianity. Perverse in every sense.

    Idolatry is in fact pervasive across all the great Faiths. Originally, Hinduism and Buddhism were similarly paths towards understanding that the Creator was One. It is through the mainstream of ignorants that these great faiths have been relegated to cult-like followings of individuals driven by fear rather than Faith.

  4. 4 Mesbah Uddin
    April 19, 2009 at 1:48 pm


    It is consoling to find that there are a few of my articles in your website. One of them is:
    The Idolatry That Has Sneaked Into Islam

    Here is an article of mine, that has been published very recently in NFB. You may wish to adopt this article in your website. Please feel free to let me know if you have any recommendation to change some wordings to make it more appealing to the readers.

    The title of the article is: Shariah – its Inception and Misperception
    The link is: http://newsfrombangladesh.net/view.php?hidRecord=258102


    Mesbah Uddin

  5. 5 Atiqa
    March 7, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Do you seriously know anything about islam? This question may invoke anger but it is not asked without justification. All my life (being a muslim) i have learnt to NEVER mix up God with His Messenger. To blindly follow the Prophet- i strongly disagree. please do not make false assumptions. Islam was indeed sent to us by Allah. it was practiced by the Prophet as an example for all mankind and THAT is why we follow him. to be the best possible muslim or a believer to any religion, you need a real live example, do you not? also, we are commanded by Allah to FOLLOW him and NOT to worship him. there is in all muslims love for our Messenger but it is not without reason. also i think you hav misunderstood the meaning of shirk. Shirk means to believe that anything Apart from Allah has the power to do ANYTHING. how does following in the Prophet’s footsteps lead to shirk- or idolatory as you call it?

    they emphatically affirm that God had addressed Muhammad and said: “Were it not for you, my love, I wouldn’t have created the universe”.
    There is no such thing that so much even exists in islam. perhaps you have misinterpreted the meaning os something else for surely these are the words of the ignorant.

    as for Milad, we are, in reality, not allowec to celebrate it. there was never a concept of “Birthdays” in Islam. those who celebrate this event are indeed ignorant or foolish.

    Even though Prophet Muhammad died about 1,400 years ago, his followers still believe that he is in a perpetual need for well-being. This is evident in the wordings of the Muslim Prayers that have been consecrated to requesting God for granting Muhammad with the equivalency of dignity, abundance, wealth and sufficiency as God once had granted to Abraham.
    you havce got to be kidding me. You are talking about the person who was valued above all men, the man who was chosen by Allah as the last and final Prphet, the Messenger who had to go through unbelievable hardships for islam. do you think, even for a second, that this man needs our prayers? Us who are sinful and commit major and minor sins on a daily basis?The words that Muslims recite during prayer simply means Peace be Upon the Prophet.

    Even though we have numerous Islamic scholars, especially those of the Al-Azhar, the tenets of Islam still are more of a reminiscent of Islam’s infancy than the need for keeping pace with time, literacy, knowledge, information and the progress of the world
    Ilm is the second most used word in the Qur’an. it means knowledge. Allah has commanded us to gain as much Knoledge as possible. so this paragraph…yeah, its not true.
    i would like to point out many more contradictions but will do so later. if you are interested, please contact me via my e-mail address.
    Ask me anything you want. also i hope i have not offended you in any way but it pains me to see our religion being portrayed as such.

  6. 6 bob
    November 2, 2011 at 5:38 am

    yeah mohammed sacrificed to idols. Idolatry didn’t seep in. You goat fuckers worship baal. Except mohammed before him. If the mormans worshiped John Smith instead of their congregation of demons, they would be you. Stop being islam and FREE ARABIC, PERSIAN, AFRICAN, HINDU, BERBER and MOOR culture from satan. Yeah thats your ala pricks. And stop raping Europeans you greasy pedophile fucks. Muslims are the slaves of the servants of pigs and goats (no matter how much you call everyone else the sons of these) and those in the aforementioned cultures spit on the hopes, dreams and lives of their ancestors which were stolen and crushed by the muslim goat fucking horde. Fuck you mohammed ( depiction next Ol-c ) as your slave ended your murderous life so shall the slaves of your murderous horde end your murderous ideology. Iran, yes Iran we’re all looking at you. The Persian culture is the only one not completely destroyed enough to make insurrection possible. I know youre having fun raping all the women men, but soon itll only be the cops and those the fundamentalist (with the religion being satan worship, like the catholic cult and its many sects, such as voodoo, and a bit of stupidity worship that mormons love) leaders like, and Islam keeps getting worse, trust me.

    What I like best about Persia is they never wanted to fuck goats. Lets see if you can find your own reason to be proud of your rich actual cultural history.

  7. 8 bob
    November 2, 2011 at 5:52 am

    oh and read the book before you talk about one place where it contradicts itself. This is common. Ive read the bible, many non-cannon jewish and christian scripture, the kama sutra, the kaballah, and more many more parts of religious books then I can mention, and the only two I had to put down before I finished and was in a worse spiritual state when I started was the Satanic Bible, and the Koran. Considering it was written hundreds of years after mohammed the pig porker, it should be OK if someone organized it by ANYTHING. Might make it easier to find out you worship an idolater who commands you to kill idolaters, in an “internal struggle for self enlightment” as left wing undercover bosses but seemingly sympathizers regurgitate from CAIR poison. Fuck mohamed Fuck mohamed Fuck mohamed.

    • 9 atiqa
      November 2, 2011 at 12:32 pm

      well, i wrote such a decent letter and look how you replied. tsk tsk. reading your posts, don’t you think that people would be inclined to believe me. oh and i should give you a fair warning before hand. you’re going to die. i forgot to tell you but if you insult our Prophet we’re allowed to kill you. so, i’d look over my shoulder if i were you. not that its going to save you.
      apart from abusive language and a lot of nonsense, i understood that you know absolutely nothing about out religion. you hate Islam. you think its vile, the worst thing on earth. am i right? probably. but if it is, why is it the 2nd most converted to religion in the world? check the figures. im not lying.
      well forget the figures and listen. listen with your heart. don’t let the thoughts ‘this is crap’ etc. go floating in your mind. for two minutes listen. and in exchange, i will listen likewise to what you have to say. but i go first.
      Islam is a religion that existed from the starting of time. Qur’an is the revelation sent from Allah. and it was written, by humans, after the Prophet’s death. but the verses were revealed to our Prophet. if you say that we can add anything to our book like christians do with the old testament and new testament, why don’t you? please, have the honors of writing a book like the Qur’an. Don’t you think that countless of other ppl have the same view point you do? so why hasn’t anyone made a copy of the Qur’an? because they can’t. The Qur’an is protected by Allah, your Creator and mine.
      Ask. Ask me questions. Ask me about Islam. Ask me about Qur’an. Ask me about Muslims. our religion is a vast topic. i can only hope to cover it by answering your questions and clearing your doubts.
      you probably think that this is a waste of your time. its not. don’t use that as an excuse or are you really that scared to know the answers?
      ask me anything. and listen. in exchange, i will listen. so let’s begin, bob.

      • 10 Darkon
        May 12, 2013 at 10:34 pm

        oh and i should give you a fair warning before hand. you’re going to die. i forgot to tell you but if you insult our Prophet we’re allowed to kill you. so, i’d look over my shoulder if i were you. not that its going to save you

        Ah, it was only a matter of time before the koranimal showed his true colors. Let this be a lesson to all decent people: these savages are never to be trusted. They may seem friendly and personable at first glance, but say something they don’t like and they’ll make it known they’ll kill you where you stand if given the chance. Remember that the next time one tries to feed you bullshit about their “peaceful religion.”

  8. May 14, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    There are indeed those Muslims who are guilty of raising Muhammad to a status higher than they should by insisting that his personal choices are part of the religion of Islaam. Having said that, the Muslim should be careful not to trivialise these choices as Muhammad was divinely guided and his practices, even personal choices should be accepted and believed to be the best, and the Muslim’s first choice; and this I believe is the crux of the matter, that the Muslims have a choice insofar as personal choices are concerned. The prophet is known to have disliked certain foods that other Muslims used to eat without any objection from him. There were also those, notably his dearest friend, father-in-law and first to succeed him as leader of the Muslims, Abu Bakr, who did not dress like him. So in short, it is certainly praiseworthy to follow the lifestyle, manners and mannerisms of Muhammad as closely as possible, but surely not sinful if you do so. This obviously applies only to “mu-aamalaat” (actions other than worship) and the supererogatory acts of worship.

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