Free Books authored by the Webmaster:

In the cause of spreading the Truth, reading and downloading of the following books is FREE. You may quote the unedited passages from the books to spread the Truth. Copyright restrictions have now been waived as long as the author’s name and source is published. You may translate and circulate the texts in other languages. Click the links below to open the books in PDF format.

Bible-front Bible-back
Read: Understanding the Bible Through Koranic Messages
A History Front A History Back
Read: A History of the Agakhani Ismailis
Understanding Front Understanding Back
Read: Understanding Ismailism – A Unique Tariqah of Islam Learn the first hand, inner rituals and beliefs.
Myths Front Myths Back
Read: Myths and Realities of Hadith Secondary Document prevails Primary
Rediscovering Front Rediscovering Back
Read .pdf: Rediscovering the Realities of Jesus  Deut. 18:15 & 18; Isaiah 53:10; Luke 22:37; John 5: 46-47; Qur’an 13:38; 21: 7-8 & 34 all support Jesus was married, lived longer. 

 ‘THE LAST SUPPER’  by  Leonardo Da Vinci     Image appears on page 166 of a printed copy & on page 69 of .pdf version linked above for this book.


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That's not nature's way Well that's what they said yesterday There's nothing left to do but pray I think it's time I found a new religion Waoh - it's so insane To synthesize another strain There's something in these Futures that we have to be told. JAMIROQUAI

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