19 – Fact or Fiction?

Written By Layth (laytth@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer. The reader is strongly advised to independently verify all information given as per 17:36.

I have recently written an article which referred to the Quran’s mathematical miracle relating to
the number 19. Needless to say, the article has caused many questions to be raised, especially
regarding the factuality or fictionality of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19.

I will attempt to share with the reader my own research and findings regarding this question and
hopefully provide a satisfactory answer.

This paper will deal with the question of whether a pattern relating to the number 19 is a reality in
the Quran or whether it is a fabrication and manipulation of numbers and data.

Background of the Number 19

Although the number 19 has only taken on significance in recent decades after the discovery and
announcement of the Quran’s mathematical code. The number was in-fact identified as being
significant as far back as 432 B.C. by Meton of Athens who discovered a direct correlation
between the lunar and solar cycles which corresponded exactly every 19 solar years.

When the Quran was revealed over 1,400 years ago, one of the chapters (chapter 74) gave further
significance to the number ‘19’ when it was referred to in relation to the subject of the hellfire:

“I will cast him in the Scorching heat. And do you know what is Scorching heat? It
does not spare nor leave anything. A scorcher of mankind. Upon it is nineteen.”
(Quran 74:26-30)

While there were no attempts to link 19 with the Quran any further, the number did take on
significance as being one of the ‘favored’ numbers that are mentioned in the Quran along with 3,
7, 8, 9, 11, 40, 50, 300, 1000, 50000.

This was further expanded upon by the Babism (later became Bahai) movement which was
established in 1844 in Persia, and who went upon using the number ‘19’ as a critical number in
their faith (they divided the year into 19 months, with each month consisting of 19 days).

Dr. Rashad Khalifa

In the early 1970’s, an Egyptian born American by the name of Dr. Rashad Khalifa undertook a
very unique project. Dr. Khalifa, a Muslim, was intrigued by the 29 chapters of the Quran that
began with ‘initials’.

The initialed chapters are scattered throughout the 114 chapters of the Quran and range from
single initials (such as ‘Q’ in chapter 50) to complex initials (such as K.H’.Y.A’.S’ in chapter 19).

For over 1,400 years the commentators and researchers of the Quran had been unable to provide a
satisfactory explanation for the initials or their purpose beyond the obvious statement: ‘God and
His Messenger know best’.

See Full Text  19.pdf


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