Sectarian Islam tried to revoke the Quranic verses and added something alien to the Quran: namely stoning to death. What is still more terrifying was the allegation of traditionalists who argued that there was a missing link in the Quran that had to be supplemented. According to their account, the verse that treated the stoning to death of the offender accused of adultery did exist but was eaten up by a goat.

In the meantime, we must not forget that all the sects without exception have vindicated this argument. Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Davudi Hanbal, Ibn Maja hold a brief for the existence of rajm. Yet, the retribution for adultery is well explained in the Quran. To introduce a new provision that contradicts the Quran shows the kind of mentality and the degree of faith in the Quran of the traditionalist Islamist.

2 – The adulteress and the adulterer should be flogged a hundred lashes (jalda) each. Do not be swayed by kindness from carrying out God’s law, if you believe in God and the Last Day. And the punishment should be witnessed by a group of believers.
24 The Light, 2

The punishment is then the flogging of the offender with a jalda, an Arabic expression meaning a stick that would hurt the skin. The Arabic words ansa, minsa, which have the signification of rod, or cudgel, are not mentioned. By this is meant that the idea was not to inflict pain to the offender but merely to expose him/her to public censure. According to the Quran, to prove adultery, the testimony of four witnesses is required. If we take into consideration that immunity of private ownership is de rigueur in Islam, it is difficult for four persons to witness the adulterous act at the same time. Yet, this is a prescription that bans the institution of brothels. While even in such a case ,God says not to be overtaken by compassion, how can a cruel punishment like stoning to death be envisaged? Moreover, in the preceding verse (24 The Light, 1) it is stressed that the verse to follow is explicit enough. This is the law of God who is never short of words (31 Luqmaan, 27); who is the Supreme Lawgiver (5 The Feast, 50); who is not forgetful (19 Mary, 64) and who has revealed the Quran in all its details (11 Hud, 1).



The story runs as follows: “The verses of the Quran written on papyri were kept in the house of Aisha, the Prophet’s wife. A hungry goat that had access ate them.” An account of this may be read in the books of Ibn Maja’s Nikah; Hanbal. How can a verse of the Quran that had been completed and learned by heart vanish after the death of the Prophet? According to the traditionalist Islam, Ibn Kutayba uses the following introductory remark before tackling the problem: “The goat is a holy animal.” Then he continues enumerating the merits of this holy goat. “God who annihilated the tribes Ad and Samud might well have a goat to repeal His verse.” Ibn Kutayba, who established an analogy between these atheist tribes destroyed by God and this event, sets a good example for the incongruous approaches of traditionalist, sectarian Islamists.

A hadith falsely ascribed to Caliph Omar states: “People will arise in the future who will deny the existence of rajm. These people will be religious apostates. Had I not feared the people’s allegation that Omar was making additions to the Quran, I would have introduced the rajm verse in the Quran” (Bukhari, Muslim Hudud, Abu Davud).

In our opinion, even this single hadith is enough to argue against the unreliability of the books of Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Davud. According to the mentality of these hadiths, Omar feared public censure more than God.


Not being content with such concoctions, Bukhari says that even monkeys having witnessed an adulterous relation between two monkeys had punished the offenders by stoning them to death. Kurtubi says that at the end of the Sura Ahzab there was a missing verse (namely the verse about rajm) and that it had been omitted by the scribes under Caliph Osman. There was no end to justifications sought to vindicate the existence of rajm.

To prove their case, sectarians have tried to abrogate (nasih) the explicit provision of 24 The Light, 2. According to one rumor, there was no rajm in the Quran during the time of Caliph Omar; according to another account, it is alleged that it had been omitted during the time of Caliph Osman. And according to another legend,it was said that a goat had eaten it. Then the rajm of monkeys are reported which, according to hearsay, the companions had witnessed. All these in total disregard the explicit prescription in the Quran to this effect! According to the Quran, the Quran is a self-sufficient and complete book. According to books of hadiths and the sectarians this is not so. While the Quran preached not to be divided into factions and sermonized against sectarians, the sects have been relentless in insisting on the details to be observed during the stoning: “In stoning, pebbles each of the size of a chickpea shall be used. The adulteress will be driven into a pit while the man shall be stoned standing.” (Book of four sects)


It is to be regretted that the Quran has been hung at a lofty place and the contents only read for the souls of the departed. The sectarians argued that the Quran was a book that could only be understood by a few. Man’s common sense and intellectual genius were vilified. Sectarian imams had the exclusivity of the religion. Scholars in other branches of science could not possibly conceive what was said in the Quran and were to obey the word of the sectarians rather than formulating their own opinions.

100 – And He casts uncleanness on those who will not understand.
10 Jonah, 100

10 – We have sent down to you a Book which has a reminder for you. Will you not then understand?
21 The Prophets, 10


2 Responses to “RAJM: STONING TO DEATH”

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  2. 2 Sadiq
    July 22, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Salaamun Alaiku…

    1..Imam Malik was born in Madinah,schooled there.Can we call all his Reports Judio-Cristians?
    2..How can One obsetve the 5 Daily Prayers base on the Verses of Qur’an,without Referring to Hadiths?

    3..When Qur’an was been reveiled,Arabs and their Neighours were having certain cultures which were forbade.If Hadiths came explaining the circmtances behind the revealation of these Verses,can one accept these Hadiths?

    4..How can I explain to My fellow Muslims that Jesus,Prophet Isah is not coming back,from Qur’anic Verses point of virw?

    5,,Who is Dajal and Gog/Magog that are coming as the signs of end time?

    I hope to get detaild explations.May Allahu assist us.

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