where was mohammed? part 4,5,6

Part IV – Baca/Jerusalem is liberated

Ø       Roman Victory, Muslim Loss;

The Romans have won*, at the lowest point** on the Earth. But after their victory, they will be defeated. In a few more years. The decision before and after is for God, and on that day the believers will rejoice.” (The Message 30:2-4)

* Most translation have made a mistake in the vowels of 30:2-4 thinking (or making us think) that Rome was ‘Defeated’ then ‘Won’.  They claim that the reason the Muslims ‘rejoiced’ during the victory of Rome was because it was a war between Rome and Persia, and the Muslims rejoiced that Rome had won since Rome was a Christian nation and thus closer to their beliefs. If we put this nonsense explanation aside and simply reverse the vowel markings, then we can see that the proper context becomes Rome ‘winning’ and then ‘losing’ at which point the Muslims rejoice.

**Note that the ‘lowest part of the earth’ is a dead giveaway that the battle was fought near the Dead Sea as it is the lowest body   of water  on Earth, lying 408 meters  (1,340 feet)  below  sea level.

The battle where Rome defeated the Muslims could be the archeologically supported battle of ‘Mutah’ of 632 A.D. In this first major battle between the Muslims and Rome, the Muslim army was decimated with a retreat called to save as many lives as possible. The battle has been  reported as follows:

One hundred thousand Roman soldiers, sent by the Roman king were armed to teeth with war equipment. They were also skilled at various war methodologies. They formulated contingents of six thousand soldiers, each called a “Legion”. The Legion was divided into thirty groups, each of which was called “Manipool”. Each Manipool consisted of two hundred soldiers. This was further subdivided into two groups each with one hundred soldiers and was called “Century”. All the Roman soldiers wore steel helmets and armour. Their shields were large and their spears and swords extraordinarily long. They were also familiar with the formation of flanks.

The commander of the Islamic army, Zayd bin Harith zealously said, “We have come to fight in the way of Allah, if we kill the enemy for victory, Paradise is our reward. The same is ours if we die and are defeated. Only those fear the enemy numbers who lack Faith in the hereafter. Why should we be afraid of the numbers of the enemy?” These words of Zayd bin Harith induced rejuvenation among the Muslims and they became prepared for the battle. ” (http://www.usf.edu.pk/wyw-35.html)

Mut’ah is located just south of Karak, near the Dead Sea

The results of the battle of Mut’ah (according to history) were disastrous for the Muslim army. Zeid and a large number of his comrades were killed, while the leadership of the army fell by default to Khalid Bin Al-Waleed who, in the face of defeat, called for an immediate retreat of all remaining fighters/soldiers. The remains of some of the most prominent figures who took part in the battle of Mut’ah are still found at that location:

“The most important companions of the Prophet buried in Jordan include: Zeid ibn al-Haritha; Ja’far bin Abi Talib (cousin of the Prophet and elder brother of Ali, who was the husband of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima and the father of al-Hassan and al-Hussein); Abu ‘Ubaydah ‘Amer Ibn al-Jarrah (one of the “Blessed Ten” companions promised Paradise); Mu’ath bin Jabal (the Prophet’s governor in Yemen); Shurhabil bin Husna (the Scribe of the Qur’anic Revelation), and Dirar bin al-Azwar (a great general). In fact, many more companions of the Prophet are buried in Jordan.” (http://www.kinghussein.gov.jo/tourism7.html)

Above is the tomb of *Zeid as well as other reported companions of the prophet buried at Mutah.

*It should be mentioned that ‘Zeid’ (the prophet’s adopted son) is one of the few people mentioned by name in the Scripture (33:37)

Victory against Rome.

After a few years from the initial battle and defeat of the Muslims, a new battle was to be fought in which the Muslims would be granted victory by the grace of God…

Ø       Roman Loss,  Muslim Victory;.

The Romans have won, at the lowest point on the Earth. But after their victory, they will be defeated. In a few more years. The decision before and after is for God, and on that day the believers will rejoice.” (The Message 30:2-4)

In fulfillment of God’s promise, and in confirming the truth of the prophecy, the Muslim army once again set out to battle mighty Rome. This event fits the description of the historic ‘Battle of Tabuk’ that has been reported as the Prophet Mohammed’s final military campaign before his death.

Tabuk is in northwest quarter of Arabia, near the border of today’s Jordan

However, before the battle against Rome, there was one small matter that needed to be dealt with…

Back to Lot.

Looking at the map of the area between Medina and Jerusalem, it becomes evident that the town of Petra is situated along the way to the north of Medina.

The town of Lot appears for all purposes to have been the historic `Mecca` which is mentioned in the Quran as being a source of threat and an obstacle to the prophet and his companions making their way to the Restricted Temple of Jerusalem:

“And He is the One who withheld their hands against you, and your hands against them in the interior of Mecca, after He had made you victorious over them. God is Seer of what you do. They are the ones who rejected and barred you from the Restricted Temple, and barred your donations from reaching their destination. And there had been believing men and women whom you did not know, and you may have hurt them, and on whose account you would have committed a sin unknowingly. God will admit into His mercy whomever He wills. Had they become separated, We would then have punished those of them who rejected with a painful retribution.” (48:24-25)  

From reading the military objectives and the Scripture, it appears that the final victory against Rome and the retaking of Jerusalem was dependant on capturing the town of Petra/Mecca, and if so, then this explains why the prophet and his companions are spoken of as being physically in or around the town where Lot had lived:

 “And Lot was one of the messengers. When We saved him and all his family. Except an old woman who remained. Then, We destroyed the rest. And you pass by their ruins in the morning; And in the night. Do you not understand?” (37:133-138)

The only way to pass by the ruins of a people during the day and the night is if you were living in the very same place or extremely nearby…This evidence confirms that the prophet and his companions, during the revelation of the above verses, were indeed located at the ancient town of Lot – Petra/Mecca.

Rome Defeated.

After the capture of Mecca/Petra, the army, with Mohammed at its head, found a complete collapse of Roman fighting spirit and will:

“Muhammad had been giving to Byzantium a good portion of his thought and careful planning. He was convinced that Muslim power at the northern frontier with al Sham should be firmly established if those who had been evacuated from the Peninsula and who had emigrated to Palestine were not to return and attack again. It was in consequence of this care that Muhammad mobilized a very massive army when he heard that the Byzantines were about to advance on the northern frontier, and he himself led that army all the way to Tabuk. The Byzantines had withdrawn toward the interior upon hearing of the march of that army.” (click here for source).

Ø       The Restricted Temple is finally  liberated:

After what seems like an impossibility…Mohammed is finally home…The Temple at Baca/Jerusalem is liberated:

God has fulfilled with truth His messenger’s vision: “You will enter the Restricted Temple, God willing, secure*, with your heads shaven and shortened, having no fear.” Thus, He knew what you did not know, and He has coupled with this a near victory.” (The Message 48:27)

* Please note that ‘secure’ could be understood as the prophecy that there would be no resistance, and that Rome would capitulate and give-up the land of God’s Temple.

The son/prophet of Baca has now returned to his homeland, and has finally been able to defeat those that fought to suppress and oppress him and his people…

The Original Qibla Re-established.

Ø       The Focal Point (Qibla) is Shifted Back to Baca/Jerusalem.

It can be hypothesized that the change in qibla away from Jerusalem was one of the largest single contributors to the situation we see today where Muslims do not follow God’s system. This hypothesis would make the most sense especially of the re-shifting of the qibla back to Jerusalem did not take place until close to the end of the prophet’s life, soon after or during his liberation of Baca/Jerusalem:

“The foolish from amongst the people will Say: “What has turned them away from the focal point that they were on?” Say: “To God is the east and the west, He guides whomsoever He wishes to a straight path.” (The Message 2:142)
“And as such, We have made you a balanced nation so that you may be witness over the people, and that the messenger may be witness over you. And We did not make the focal point that you became on except to distinguish who follows the messenger from those who will turn on their heels. It was a great thing indeed except for those whom God had guided; God was not to waste your belief. God is Merciful and Compassionate over the people.” (The Message 2:143)
We see the shifting of thy face towards the sky; We will thus set for you a focal point that will be pleasing to you: “You shall set yourself towards the Restricted Temple; and wherever you may be, you shall all set yourselves towards it.” Those who have been given the Scripture know it is the truth from their Lord. And God is not unaware of what you do.” (The Message 2:144)
“And wherever you go out, you shall set yourself towards the Restricted Temple. And wherever you may be you shall set yourselves towards it; that the people will have no room for debate with you, except those of them who are wicked. You shall not fear them, but fear Me; so that I may complete My blessings upon you and that you may be guided.” (The Message 2:150)

The Muslims today are confused to the above verses in thinking that the shift towards the ‘Restricted Temple’ was God’s command for Mohammed when he shifted away from Jerusalem (and they assume towards the shrine of Mecca). The problem with this understanding is that in 2:142 the “change” had already taken place and the people were commenting about it (i.e. ‘what made them change from their Qibla?’). While in 2:144 the Prophet is given “new” instructions to use the focal point of the “Restricted Temple” (which cannot be Mecca because the first change of Qibla that was meant to be a “test” has already happened and thus the people were all facing the focal point opposite Jerusalem).

Ø       The prophet foretold in the ‘Scriptures’ has finally come to pass:

“And when Jesus, son of Mary, said: “O children of Israel, I am God’s messenger to you, authenticating what is present with me of the Torah and bringing good news of a messenger to come after me whose name will be ‘most acclaimed.’ But when he showed them the clear proofs, they said: ‘This is clearly magic’” (The Message 61:6)

Ø       And the prayer of Abraham has been answered…

“Our Lord, and send amongst them a messenger from among themselves, that he may recite to them Your revelations and teach them the Scripture and the wisdom, and purify them. You are the Noble, the Wise.” (The Message 2:129)

Part V – Mecca Arabia

Ø       What of Today’s Mecca?

Today’s Mecca – Arabia, seems to have been an insignificant town at the time of the prophet. This city was not on any significant trade-route at the time nor does its name even have mention in any historical manuscripts which covered the area.

Mecca appears to have been a pagan center where the religion of the Nabataens (worship of Allat, Uzzah, and Manaat) flourished like other Nabataen towns. The Kaba (cube) which was used as the center of pagan rituals, is an emulation of the Kaba of Abraham which the Nabataens may have certainly come to know through the call of Abraham to the pilgrimage many centuries ago.

Points that are worth reflecting when studying the subject of Mecca – Arabia include:

1.        The mosque in Medina with 2 qiblas did not correctly point to Mecca – Arabia.

The physical evidence which shows that the turning of the qibla away from Jerusalem was simply in the ‘opposite’ direction and not towards Mecca has been conveniently destroyed by the Saudis and a new mosque has been rebuilt with two qiblas, but with the second `new` qibla now aligned towards Mecca.


The Mosque in Medina with the two focal points (Qiblas) seen above has been re-built by the Saudi Royal Family during the last 30 or so years.

2.        A number of mosques built in the early days after the prophet’s death have their qiblas aligned away from Mecca and further north, closer to Jerusalem.

“According to archaeological research carried out by Creswell and Fehervari on ancient mosques in the Middle East, two floor-plans from two Umayyad mosques in Iraq, one built at the beginning of the 8th century by the governor Hajjaj in Wasit (noted by Creswell as, “the oldest mosque in Islam of which remains have come down to us” – Creswell 1989:41), and the other attributed to roughly the same period near Baghdad, have Qiblas (the direction which these mosques are facing) which do not face Mecca, but are oriented too far north (Creswell 1969:137ff & 1989:40; Fehervari 1961:89; Crone-Cook 1977:23,173). The Wasit mosque is off by 33 degrees, and the Baghdad mosque is off by 30 degrees (Creswell 1969:137ff; Fehervari 1961:89).”   – http://debate.org.uk/topics/history/bib-qur/qurarch.htm

3.        The location of the Kaaba in Mecca at the floor of a valley (where it is prone to flash floods) is more in-line with pagan rites than those of offering people sanctuary and safety at God’s Temple.

“The Ka’bah is situated in a wadi between two low hills, Marwah and Safa and was thus frequently exposed to flash floods caused by upper Meccan rainwater which ran down into the wadi and was channeled towards the Ka’bah. It is on the face of it, strange to find a religious center built in such a dangerous position, but it is precisely in such a position – low on the slopes of a wadi subject to flash floods – that cult centers were situated in the Negev.” (The Origins of the Muslim Descriptions of the Jahili Meccan Sanctuary; Yehuda D. Nevo, Judith Koren, Jan. 1990)

4.        The rituals associated with Mecca until today are all indicative of the pagan rites known and recorded for the region at the time.


Pagan elements associated with the Kaba in Mecca.

“The precise alignment of the Black Stone with the winter sunrise is not coincidental. Allat, the main idol of the prophet’s people, was a fertility goddess and this is confirmed by archeological evidence from Nabataean sites. As typical of such fertility goddesses their symbols and rituals are related to the sun. In this case, the direction of the winter sunrise marks the location where the sun is “reborn”. Now if you take a closer look, you will see that the enclosure of the Black Stone is in the shape of a dilated female vulva and the Black Stone is in the shape of the crown of the head of the newborn baby deity as it is coming out of the vulva.

Come closer yet and you will see that people are kissing the head of the newborn baby deity. Kissing the head is an ancient Arab tradition for asking for forgiveness. So kissing the top of the head of the newborn idol as traditionally done to ask for forgiveness, results in the pagan’s sins being wiped out as if he or she was a newborn.

Hang around for a while and you will observe that people spin seven times around the Black Stone. A pre-quranic manuscript written by Epiphanius in the fourth century CE describes the ritual of spinning seven times as part of the birth festivals of the Nabataean idols Allat and Dhushara around the winter solstice. The number seven was considered sacred in Arab and pagan symbolism in general because of the five sacred planets plus the sun and the moon that the ancients venerated. To this day many people in the Arab world celebrate what is termed in Arabic Subu’, which is a traditional festival that takes place on the seventh day after the birth of a newborn and on the seventh day after a pilgrims’ return. Like the pagan pilgrimage that we observed and Epiphanius described, as part of the Subu’ birth celebrations, people traditionally go around the house seven times while carrying the newborn baby. (http://free-minds.org/articles/history/ayman1.htm)

Ø       What of the Safa & Marwa and other sites at Mecca?

“The Safa and Marwa are amongst God’s symbols. So whosoever makes Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary, or is merely passing through, commits no error that he should traverse them. And whoever donates for goodness, then God is Appreciative, Knowledgeable.” (The Message 2:158)

The entire story of ‘Abraham marrying his slave girl Hajar and then leaving her in the wilderness with Ismail based on the wishes of his wife Sarah’ not only has no basis whatsoever in the Book of God, but also conflict greatly with the character of a Prophet who is devoted to God and who would never be pressured by any human into abandoning or harming another person(s). As far as we can ascertain, Abraham was married to one woman, the same woman who gave him Ismail and then, many years later, Isaac. We can also ascertain that Abraham lived near the area of the Temple (Jerusalem)  and therefore would not have traveled many thousands of kilometers to carry out such an act of inhumanity.

With regards to Jerusalem, if we are looking for two high points, then they are easily located. The Temple area is surrounded by two prominent mounts: Mt. Zion, and Mt. of Olives. It is therefore not unlikely that pilgrims would be moving between one mount to the next, or camping at or around these mounts, during their time in Jerusalem for the pilgrimage.

Topographical model showing the Temple (Mt. Moriah) and the Mt. of Olives immediately east.

Ø       What of the ‘People of the Elephant’ 

“Have you not seen what your Lord did to the people of the elephant? Did He not cause their schemes to go astray? And He sent upon them formations of birds in flight. Striking them with fiery projectiles. Until He turned them like devoured hay.” (The Message 105:1-5)

The Mecca propagandists have attributed he above verses to their religious town claiming that God, before the birth of Mohammed, sent birds to destroy the elephant army of Abraha, who had journeyed all the way from Africa (Habasha) to destroy the temple at Mecca since it was competing with his call for an organized religion.

However, upon closer examination of the verses, it appear that the people who are being referred to as ‘people of the elephant’ are none other than the people of Lot who were identified in the Scripture as being destroyed by ‘fiery projectiles’:

“Have you not seen what your Lord did to the people of the elephant? Did He not cause their schemes to go astray? And He sent upon them formations of birds in flight. Striking them with fiery projectiles. Until He turned them like devoured hay.” (The Message 105:1-5)

 “They said: ‘O Lot, we are your Lord’s messengers; they will not be able to harm you, so travel with your family during the cover of the night and let not any of you look back except for your wife, she will be afflicted with what they will be afflicted. Their appointed time will be the morning. Is the morning not near?’ So when Our command came, We turned it upside down, and We rained on it with hardened fiery projectiles.” (The Message 11:81-82)


“Thus We turned it upside down, and rained upon them with fiery projectiles.” (The Message 15:74)

Such understanding perfectly matches the view that the city of Lot was the original `Mecca` mentioned in the Quran as being defiant to the prophet and his campaign.

Part VI – Questions/Misc.

Ø       Baca/Jerusalem – How Was it Forgotten?

One of the most alarming points raised in this article is how the city of Jerusalem and home to Abraham and Mohammed and many prophets in-between lost its significance and became of secondary importance for the people who claimed to be followers of the last prophet!

There are three main reasons that may be viewed as being factors in this historic confusion:

1.        The change in the Qibla;

“The foolish from amongst the people will Say: “What has turned them away from the focal point that they were on?” Say: “To God is the east and the west, He guides whomsoever He wishes to a straight path.” (The Message 2:142)

2.        God’s decree that allows interference with the delivery of His Message;

“We have permitted the enemies of every prophet, human and Jinn devils, to inspire in each other with fancy words in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications. That is so the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter will listen to it, and they will accept it, and they will take of it what they will.” (The Message 6:112-113)

3.        God’s pledge revealed in the final Scripture to keep His Temple ‘off-limits’ to idolaters;

“O you who believe, those who have set up partners are impure, so let them not approach the Restricted Temple after this calendar year of theirs; and if you fear poverty, then God will enrich you from His blessings if He wills. God is Knowledgeable, Wise.” (The Message 9:28)

Ø       Previous Structures Preceding the Dome of the Rock;

Since the location of God’s Temple is deemed to be that where the current Dome of the Rock stands (constructed in 687 A.D.), then it should stand that previous structures have existed on this site since the time of Abraham?

Research shows that indeed this site was the location where the Temple of Solomon stood, and, more recently, the Temple of Herod that was standing during the time of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem.

Reconstruction of Herod’s Temple, which was standing during the time of Jesus in the 1st century A.D.

It should be noted that all sites were centered around the outcropping rock, also known as the ‘holy of holies’ in Jewish tradition (click here for more design details for the historic Temple).


Ø       The History of the Arabs;

During the course of this research, a number of interesting facts came to light which, when viewed with the information revealed in the Scripture, gave us a more detailed knowledge of our ancient past.

§         Arabic language originated with the Nabataen’s – who’s kingdom was the area of today’s Jordan and stretched to include Jerusalem and parts of Arabia. This information is relevant as the Scripture was revealed in an Arabic tongue.


“We have sent it down an Arabic compilation, perhaps you will comprehend.” (The Message 12:2)


In addition, The Aramaic-speaking Nabataeans created a new writing form to add to those in use in the Middle East of their day. They developed a running “cursive” or semi-ligatured script, which was used for both lapidary inscriptions and more common graffiti. This writing form would later evolve into the “Arabic” writing still in use today. (source)

§         Nabataen’s were dedicating worship to female god’s named ‘Allat, Uzzah, and Manaat’ in addition to the main deity Allah.


Allat (found at the temple of the winged lions) & Uzzah (found carved at the treasury) (see link)

“Have you considered Allaat and Al-`Uzzah? And Manaat, the third one?” (The Message 53:19-20)


“The Temple is the most important Nabataean temple discovered up to the present time. Seen by the excavator as dedicated to the goddess ‘Allat, one of the three major pre-Islamic female deities, the Temple is really a complex of related facilities, including a worship center, residential quarters, and workshops, a combination never before seen in Nabataean religious installations.” (http://todacosa.com/petra/aep /temple-winged-lions.htm).

In-fact, other historians who have studied the ‘Nabataeans’ have concluded that they worshipped a ‘Triple’ female god-head (The chief Nabatean goddess was al-Uzza, who reigned with her sisters Allat and Manat).

Ø       Israel and the Temple (Jerusalem);

“And We decreed to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that you will make corruption twice on Earth, and that you will become very high and mighty.” (The Message 17:4)

A prophecy has existed in the Scripture that did not begin to materialize until this last century…The Children of Israel were destined to regroup and gain strength and influence in the world (as began in 1948).

However, this prophecy is very bad news for the Children of Israel as it will conclude with their humiliation and complete defeat at the hands of a people who will retake God’s Temple.

“If you (Children of Israel) do good, then it will be good for you, and if you do bad, then so be it. But when the promise of the second time comes, they will make your faces filled with sorrow and they will enter the Temple as they did the first time, and they will strike down all that was raised up.” (The Message 17:7)

Which Temple is being referred to here?

The Zionists have taken physical control of Jerusalem and its Temple since 1967 and are working continually to make it their capital. Unless the Zionists plan to physically move on Mecca – Arabia, then it is safe to pronounce that this Jerusalem Temple is the one that will be liberated as its was the first time during the prophet’s mission:

God has fulfilled with truth His messenger’s vision: “You will enter the Restricted Temple, God willing, secure, with your heads shaven and shortened, having no fear.” Thus, He knew what you did not know, and He has coupled with this a near victory.” (The Message 48:27)

Questions to be Asked.

If you are a Muslim and totally reject the above article as being preposterous or made-up regardless of the physical evidence that has been presented, then please ask yourself the following questions:

1.        Why did the early Muslims according to the evidence conduct the Salat facing Jerusalem (1st Qibla) if Mecca was the location for God’s Temple?

2.        Why is there a clear contradiction in the Sunni/Shia traditions whereby they claim that Mohammed only faced Jerusalem for about 18 months after arriving to Medina (i.e. until 624 A.D. which corresponds to his 2nd year of the Hijra), yet they neglect to mention what qibla he faced for the 12 previous years since he apparently declared his messengership in 610 A.D!

3.        Why does Islamic tradition hold that the Prophet journeyed to Jerusalem before his ascension to heaven during the ‘night journey’?

4.        Since you believe that Abraham (and Ismail) raised the foundations of the Kaaba in Mecca, then why do the faiths after Abraham (Jewish & Christian) not acknowledge that Abraham traveled as far south as Mecca or that their pilgrimage was to that area?

5.        Do you accept the physical evidence that the Arabic language as revealed in the Scripture is a product of the Nabataens who were dominant in the Jordan/Palestine area?

6.        Can you find Mecca – Arabia as being on any ancient trade map, or recorded as a center for pilgrimage or major religious activity before the 7th century A.D?

7.        Do you believe the remains of Lot‘s town are near the towm of Mecca – Arabia, or, are they nearer to the town of Jerusalem?

8.        Why is the rock outcropping (which is attributed as “Maqam Ibrahim”) located inside the Temple at Jerusalm (as per the description given in 3:98) while the “Maqam Ibrahim” in Mecca is located outside the shrine/temple conflicting with the description given in the Scripture?

9.        Why was Mohammed adamant on facing the mighty Roman (Byzantium) army to the North. Did the Roman’s hold something dear to make him take such a risk?

10.     Why did Abdel Malik construct a magnificent Dome around the rock outcropping in Jerusalem as a ‘Temple/Shrine’ with no mihrab facing Mecca and no features of a typical mosque?

11.     Why did Abdel Malik call people to pilgrim to Jerusalem and away from Mecca as per some historians?

12.     Why did the Caliph Suleyman  as late as 717 A.D. show confusion in whether it was Mecca or Jerusalem that the pilgrimage should be conducted to? (see source)

13.     Why does the prophecy associated with Israel’s 2nd rising speak of their defeat by the retaking of the ‘Temple’? Is Israel planning to occupy Mecca any time in the future? Or, is God speaking of His Temple in Jerusalem that they have already occupied during the 1967 war?

14.     Why is the ‘kaaba’ of Mecca located at the base of a valley where it is prone to flash floods? Is this in-line with the monotheistic purpose of providing a sanctuary for the pilgrims, or, is it related to the pagan practices of Arabia as found at other such sites in the Negev?

15.     Why do pilgrims in Mecca circle around the cube 7 times, as well as running between two hills 7 times? Does this seem to be an act associated with God’s system where He asks us to ‘think’ and ‘reason’, or, is it more associated with the empty pagan rituals of the time?

Answering these questions may lead you on the journey that needs to be taken about now…

Or, you may simply continue on the same path you found your parents and peers upon.

Worshippers giving their backs to the Temple/Shrine first raised by Abraham


Perhaps it is time to once again walk in the footsteps of our Patriarch Abraham by calling for the great pilgrimage and assembling mankind to honor the blessings of the Lord… 

“And call out to mankind with the Pilgrimage, they will come to you walking and on every transport, they will come from every deep enclosure. So that they may witness benefits for themselves and recall God’s name in the appointed days over what He has provided for them of the animal livestock. So eat from it and feed the needy and the poor. Then let them complete their duties and fulfill their vows, and let them partake at the ancient Sanctuary.” (The Message 22:27-29)


Please note that the methodology, timing, and details to the pilgrimage as decreed in God’s Scripture have been detailed in the following article: ‘Pilgrimage – the Lost Legacy of Abraha

where was mohammed? part 1,2,3


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