kosher tax

The “Kosher tax” is a canard or urban
spread by anti-Semitic, white
and right wing extremist
organizations such as the National Alliance and Ku Klux
.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] It refers to the claim that food producers must pay an
exorbitant amount to obtain the right to display a symbol on their products (usually a K or U in a circle) that indicates it is
kosher or pareve, and that this cost is passed on
to consumers through higher prices which constitute a “kosher tax”. Additional false claims are made that this “tax” is used to
support Zionist causes or the state of Israel.[2]

The actual cost to the consumer is generally minuscule;[1][9] in 1975 the
cost per item for obtaining kosher certification was estimated by The New York
as being 6.5 millionths (0.0000065) of a cent per item for a typical product.[3] This is more than offset by the advantages of being certified.[1] Certification leads to increased revenues of
sales by opening up the additional markets such as Jews who keep kosher; Muslims who keep halal; and vegans,
Seventh-day Adventists, and the lactose intolerant who wish to avoid dairy products (products that are certified as pareve
may meet this criterion).[3][4][10] According to Berel Wein, “The cost of kashrut certification is
always viewed as an advertising expense and not as a manufacturing expense.”[6] Dispellers of the “kosher tax” legend argue that if it were not profitable to obtain such
certification, then food producers would not engage in the certification process, and that the increased sales resulting from
kosher certification actually lower the overall cost per item.[10][11]

Obtaining certification that an item is kosher is a voluntary business decision made by companies desiring additional sales
from consumers (both Jewish and non-Jewish) who look for kosher certification when shopping,[4] and is actually specifically sought by marketing organizations within food
production companies.[10] The fees charged for kosher
certification are used to support the operation of the certifying bodies themselves, and not Zionist causes or Israel.[2]


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    makes up for the cost of supervision. (Hence no price increase is necessary.)”



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