The Arabic word “Salat” means Reachin-out, and
it is repeatedly mentioned in the book as a vital process,
a natural result of believe, and a confimation of faith.
It is also a major intensive method/process of
remembering GOD, the truth, and the commanments
and to maintain awareness.
Not only if one third of the world population believe and
perform salat (so-called prayer) in a certain way, Actually
even if the ENTIRE world population do so, I will not
follow… why?
1) That does not ensure that it is right. Billions of
people believe and worship Jesus as the son of GOD, and
many others have all kinds of false unrealistic, illogical
2) Because it is my personal responsibility to GOD to
check and verify for myself [17:36].
3) Because I take my guidance from the very book that I
(after studying, checking and verifying) believe to be the
true sensible, and logical, truthful book of ultimate
wisdom and unequaled guidance.[45:6]
4) Because I uphold my GOD-given freedom and intelligence
and refuse to be enslaved by blind-following my ancestors,
parents, imams and so-called scholars, hearsay, lies, pure
conjectures, and all kinds of nonsense and falsehood.[31:21]
5) Because I don’t take sources that are proven to not only
contradicts GOD’S book, but proven to distort HIS message,
and distort HIS imagie, HIS message’s image, and HIS
messenger’s image as a source of guidance. Sources
that violate the most fundamental concepts
of the true religion, namely Freedom,
peace, and justice [31:6].

The REAL Meaning Of Salat
Having said the above, allow me to inform you of the real
genuine meaning of “Salat” based on the book of GOD.
Salat simply means REACH-OUT, this is the best word in the
English language that I was able to find to best convey the
meaning. GOD is reaching out to us and to HIS messenger,
and HE is commanding us to reach-out out back.
GOD is unseen, so the reality remains that to us HE is a
spirit for the time being, and physical aspect of HIM
remain to be witnessed if it exist.
We know that we are commanded and reminded of the
importance of ESTABLISHING the reaching-out process (about
70 times), and we also know that GOD often uses the word
purification (zakat) along with it. It is repeatedly
mentioned as such ( Establish the reaching-out
process and achieve purification).
That in addition to the fact that usually, if not all the
time, GOD is addressing the believers in these verses, the
thing that confirms the 6th, and the 7th phases of Islam as
explained in the Genuine-Islam article.
So now, we have established the fact that NATURALLY AND
LOGICALLY, one has to believe in GOD to be able to
reach-out to HIM… the 5th phase of Islam.
GOD addresses HIMSELF as the truth, and HIS book, to any
believer is the truth, and HE guide us to HIM through the
truth, and HE is communicating with us by the
truth in many ways.
HE is communicating with us through life and creation in
general. Literally, every new scientific discovery we make
represents a new message from GOD.

“Verily, I am GOD: There is no GOD but I: So worship Me,
and establish the reaching-put process
to be aware of ME.

By our nature, we human beings are limited, we tend to forget,
and Satan on a constant mission to deceive us, and various
things in life tends to distract us and it takes time for us to comprehend the truth and it takes repetition for us to
maintain awareness regarding the greatest
issue/matter in life, GOD, The truth, the
test etc etc and Salat is meant to
helps us achieve that goal
of awareness which will result in us
constantly purifying our souls.

Be aware of the fact that there is NO limit
to soul purification.
The Arabic word (Thikr) is mentioned around 250
times, and it has three basic meaning if not more,
1) To mention, 2) remember, 3) To be aware or awareness.

Recite what is being inspired to you of the book, and
establish the reaching-out process for the reaching-out
process prohibits evil and vice, ultimately being aware
of God is the objective. God knows
everything you accomplish.

The book is often referred to as “Thiker” because it basically
represents and achieve all three meaning, the book
mentions the facts and the truth, remind of it, and
GREATLY help raise people’s awareness.
GOD is also sending us powerful messages, messages such
as death, disasters and through some of HIS blessings
that helps us over-come certain horrible
situations i.e good Luck.
HE also sends us powerful messages through HIS
Book, messenger, truth, and guidance.
So when we believe in GOD and HIS book, then we have
much more access to the truth in HIS book, and the
truth in general by HIS blessings and guidance.

The Timing Of Salat
Now according to GOD’S book, and contrary to the popular
believe, GOD command and encourage the believers to
perform two daily intense reaching-out sessions… one
at the beginning of the day (end of night), and one at
the end of the day (beginning of night).
There are three Salat timing related verses, two of them
indicate the timing of the sessions in different ways, and
one talks about another matter but mentions the two
sessions by their Arabic TIMING names.
Here are the only verse that indicate the timing
of slat in different ways;

Establish the reaching-out sessions at both edges
of the day and the near part of the night. The good erase
away the bad. This is a reminder to those who remember.

Thou shall Establish the reach-out sessions at the
setting of the sun, until the darkness of the night; and
the Quran at dawn, the Quran at dawn has been witnessed.

Note how both verses confirm the same timing and how the
verse [17:78] alternate between the use of Salat and the
use of Quran to indicate that the Quran basically
is a major aspect of Salat… it is more clear in Arabic.
And here is the third and decisive verse and the
ONLY verse that mentions the Salat by their TIMING NAME:

O you who believe, let those whom are your right
hand possess and have not yet attained puberty request
your permission regarding three times: Before the DAWN
reaching-out session, and should you take off your attire
from being outdoors, and after the DUSK reaching-out
session. These are three private times for you. Other than
these times, it is not wrong for you or them to intermingle
with one another. God thus clarifies the revelations for
you. And God is Knowledgeable, Wise.

Note how GOD did not use the word “Duhur” (the noon
traditional prayer)… if there were any such prayer; GOD
would have logically mentioned it, just like HE mentioned
the others, and it would fit perfectly.
Having said that, it is VERY clear for anyone who sincerely
study the book that there is NO mention and NO such a
things such as the other three prayer traditional regular
timings such as Noon, Afternoon, And night prayer.
Additionally, there are no mention of any physical repeated
bowing and prostrations and all the other traditional
ritualistic details, and all the sayins along with them!
Instead there are clearly a Dawn and a Dusk
Reaching-out session timings.
So bassically, establish the regular reaching-out to GOD
sessions at the end of the day into the night, and at
the start of the dat, at Dawn into the day.

Quality vs Quantity
GOD also puts emphases on the Quality of the sessions
vs. the quantity, hence the the following verse that has been missinterpret as to mean the afternoon
prayer… one that fits between the
other four prayers two on each side!:

Preserve and maintain the reaching-out
sessions/process, especially the balanced good
sessions, and stand devoutly for God.

GOD never used the words “wusta”. “wasata”, “awsatuhum” as
to mean anything other than good, balanced, better,
fair, and along these meanings.
Clearly, we are to establish the reaching-out regular
process using the best tool available to us and that is the
book of GOD but, that does not mean that it is limited to
it. So any intense process that bring us closer to the
truth and to GOD, and HIS remembrance
is a reaching-out process… why?
Because remembering GOD and the truth is the main and
greater goal, and THROUGH that constant remembrance
we are able reach the ultimate goal of achieving
purification, which is ultimately leads to
salvation (one of the book’s attributes
is The Remembrance/Reminder).
We know that GOD command us to establish the two
end of the day reaching-out sessions as much as possible
so that we continue to be guided and to strengthen our
believes and to continue to remember and be aware,
and HE warns us from neglecting it, but HE does not
condemn us or punish us merely just for missing
one or two or even more sessions.
He is simply commanding us to do our best to increasingly
and naturally establish and maintain the reaching-out
sessions as much as possible. So everyone’s situation
and level of believe and guidance is difference.
Clearly there is no specific condemnation for missing few
sessions, there is a general warning from being careless about
the salat and from neglecting it, but there is no specific number
which means it depends on every specific individual to
determine if he is neglecting the process.
contrary to the traditional unjustified paranoia and frenzy
regarding the Salat which results in all kinds of useless
burdens, guilt, pathetic false accusations and constant
finger pointing and hypocrisy
So as long as we are doing our best in maintaining
the sessions we are OK… the Salat is not commandments
to terrorize us and make us paranoid or hypocrites!
According to GOD’S Syetem (Sunnah) i.e natural law, the regularity and the quality of the process will progress and
gradually increase as the guidance and faith increase.
of the fact that GOD does not wish to overburden
and complicate our lives with religion.
Eveything HE command us of is for

The Book Is The Best Tool For
Remembrence and Awareness

GOD commands that believers of the book that they should
use the BEST available TOOL in Reaching-out to HIM
twice a day, dawn and evening and the
tool is THE BOOK.

As for those who uphold and adhere to the Book, and
they establish the reaching-out sessions; We will not
waste the reward of the righteous.

enticing us to distract us and divert us away from the
PURE GENUINE message in the book and the great wisdom
therein… he always distract us by various means
and wants us to FORGET.
The believers are at their utmost besn when they are remembering GOD and naturally, all that HE represnts.
We are to remind ourselves through the Reaching-out regular
logical practical sensible powerful effective process to
continue to
and is the high price to guidance and to success and ultimate
rewards…especially for the PIONEERS!
That is why GOD says that Salat is NOT easy except to those
who are advanced enough, reverence HIM enough, and humble enough, and that is why HE commands us to remember
to seek refuge in HIM from Satan the devil
when we read the Quran.

Salat Is A Natural Result Of Believe
And A Confirmation Of Faith

And seek help through patience, and the reaching-out
sessions. It is a difficult thing, but not so for the

Satan and his allies are a MAJOR SERIOUS Obstacle along
the way, obstacle that we MUST OVER COME
Have no doubt, logically and naturally, All true believers
will NOT neglect the two daily sessions when the time and
the situation is right but until they reach that time and
that situation, they will continue to struggle and strive
to maintain as much as possible of it, and they will
encourage each others.

Ablution In Details
The ablution procedures are clear and don’t need more
clarifications, it is an undeniable fact that water clean
us physically, and makes us feel spiritually clean as
well; they are very much related, and that is why we feel
so good after washing our faces or after taking a shower.
The only thing that need mentioning here is that again the
traditional Muslims have burdened themselves with more and
extra procedures and rituals than mentioned in the one
single related verse!
Note also the fact that book provide us with the details
of the ablution, BUT there is NO details of the
tradtional Salat what-so-ever!

O you who believe, if you rise to establish the
reaching-out session, then wash your faces and your hands
up to the elbows, and wipe your heads and your feet to the
ankles; and if you have had intercourse, then you shall
bathe. And if you are ill, or traveling, or you have
excreted feces, or you have had sexual contact with the
women, and you could not find water, then you shall select
from the clean soil; you shall wipe your faces and your
hands with it. God does not want to make any hardship over
you, but He wants to cleanse you and to complete His
blessings upon you that you may be appreciative.


The words “ruku”/bowing/heeding and
in the book of GOD refers to the natural stages of
the progressive process of reverencing, heeding, obeying,
and submitting to the REAL ONE ONLY GENUINE GOD.
The Arabic words “Ruku” and “Sujood” are very interesting
words like many others used in the book of GOD, they can
be used and applied to physical and spiritual meanings.
In the book of GOD they clearly refer to the spiritual
meaning but they are great for the analysis between the
body and the spirit in terms of the similarity of the
natural process of the spiritual heeding/bowing and
submitting/prostrating process compared to
the physical bowing and prostrating.
The soul heeds, surrender, and summits to GOD in a
progressive gradual process just like the body having
to normally bow before prostrating… hence the
use of the words and the indication.
The Arabic word “ruku” is mostly used to mean surrender
and/or show respect and the same with the word
“sujood”… they both are used or the same concept but
indicate different degrees of the same process.
The heeding/bowing “ruku” stage mostly relate to the
reverence aspect at the early stages of believe, and with
time it will reach the level of prostrating/submitting
“sujood” which is more related to more acceptance, love
and appreciation aspect therefore the heeding/bowing
aspect fades into the submitting/prostrating
aspect… a very natural, logical,
practical progressive process.
It clearly refer to the spiritual gradual logical, natural
process of submitting to GOD. One would have to Start to
reverence GOD, repent to from his wrongful ways, desire and
seek HIS Guidance, follow HIS guidance, Believe in HIM and
gradually heeding and prostrating to HIM, HIS message, HIS
messenger HIS commandments.
Another thing to keep in mind, is the mention of the prophet
Yusuf’s prostrating (sajado) to him, they were not praying
to him, they were simply giving in to him, fully accepting
him, and gving allegiance to him.
Pay attention that GOD commanded the angles including
Satan to submit/prostrate to Adam, they was
NOT commanded to worship him!
Another example are the sun and the trees “Yasjodaan”
among many other examples which means that they
are submitting to the will of GOD. [55:6]
GOD is more concerned with our spirits than our bodies.
The heeding/bowing and submitting/prostrating concepts are
fundamentally the natural gradual process of the spiritual
process of worshiping GOD. Most people put too much
emphasis on the physical bowing and prostration,
the thing that leads undermining the spiritual
effect and leads to hypocrisy.
The Genuine physical prostration
(not the ritualistic empty hypocritical one) if so desired
in some cases in the process of Calling upon GOD (Du’a)
is not more than a reflection of the REAL, fundamental,
substantive, actual, GENUINE SPIRITUAL HEEDING,
We humans are not perfect, and we have the tendency to
forget, so the believers are required to maintain a general
situation that is between bowing and prostrating… meaning
if they are not in a state of remembrance and submission,
they are never heedless.
GOD always uses the word “Ta’alaw” which literally means
come up and elevate yourself , HE wants to lift us up, not
to put our heads on the ground multiple times 5 times a
day! and some 34 times… hence no mention of
the traditional MAN-MADE salat in the book!
You see, humans are in a state of heeding, surrendering,
prostration, and submission to whatever they believe in and
that dominate their minds and souls anyway, they often
surrender/bow and prostrate/submit
to all kinds of pathetic
degrading idols.
When you desire and seek GOD’S guidance you will realize
what the progressive process of reaching-out to GOD (salat)
means and you will realize that the natural progressive
result of that process is surrendering and gradually
submitting to HIS will which will eventually,
progressively, and ultimately leads to the soul
purification that will naturally, progressively, and
ultimately leads to the deeds purification and salvation.
Simultaneously, the more you reverence, heed, surrender,
and submit to the almighty GOD, the more you will FREE
yourself from all kinds of worthless useless
deceiving and degrading idols.

In Conclusion
The above is the real truthful, logical sensible Quranic
meaning and reality of salat (the reaching-out process).
One could have all kinds of theories and conjectures as to
Where, when, and how did our forefathers invented and
over-burdened themselves the traditional awkward physical
form of 5/day sessions of salat that leads to all kinds of
crookedness and hypocrisy.
I know one thing, I know for a fact and based on regular
experience, and after performing the traditional salat for
many years that the one single REAL TRUE GENUINE
Salat that I establish is literally increasingly equal to a an increasing number of traditional salat, meaning and
for example a real true genuine salat can be
equal to 100 tradtional salat, and
will grow to be equale
to 1000s of tradtional Salat.
You see, the tradtional Salat is basically static compared
to the very dynamic genuine real Salat.
Obviously, there is NOT a single doubt that anyone who
establish the true Islamic process will surely experience
a very similar reality and will reach the same conclusion.
It is literally an indescribable and unequaled experience,
it OFTEN ELEVATE you in truth, realization, wisdom,
enlightenment and certainty MORE that you can
Normally and naturally, the Salat session takes anywhere
from half hour to two hours a session and even more…
depends on the situation and the need.
Please, all of you people who perform the traditional Salat,
don’t think you can deceive GOD by such performance. GOD
can NOT be deceived and certainly HE did not create us
and command us to deceive HIM. HE also does not
need our salat, we do not give HIM the almighty
a hypocritical, fake, empty, and
artificial counterfeit Salat.
I know, just like I used to feel, MOST of you have been
feeling guilty and confused about this, and many of you are
constantly feeling the hypocrisy of it all, and you know
how empty it is, and you know that you are constantly doing
a useless senseless set of physical exercise, but you are
not sure why and how it is all about and you are in
denial, and no one can blame you because you
did not know any better and you had no
alternative BUT, NOW you know.
No one expect most of you to believe the above right
away if at all, but now you know MUCH MUCH MORE
than what you knew before, and now you should
take YOUR OWN responsibility to check
for YOURSELF and verify.
Whatever you do, do NOT be like the ones
mentioned in the following verse:

And their reaching-out attempt at the sanctuary was
no more than rhetoric and deception. So taste the
retribution for what you have rejected.

A So-called Salat that does not serve any purpose other than
divert people from the REAL GENUINE salat. Most people
believe that they are doing the salat and they don’t
need to realize what salat really is all about.
Satan is a great enemy and he specializes in counterfeiting
the truth by all kinds of fake truth look a like!
And always remember the fact that GOD and HIS angles are
reaching-out to the prophet, and we are commanded to
reach-out to him when we witness him.

God and His Angels reach-out to the prophet. O you
who believe, reach-out to him, and yield completely.

The worst part is being in the afct that the traditional
form of so-called Salat in fact represents a counterfeit
Salat that actually deceive people by satisfying
them into thinking that they are actually
establishing the genuine one when
in fact they are not!
The genuine salat by its nature and as outlined in the book
of GOD can not be easily faked like the traditional Salat
because it is substantive… according to the Genuine
Salat, one will know and be clear if he or she is
establishing the Salat or not, while in the
traditional artificial salat everything goes,
and most of the time is is just a matter of an
embty show off and pretendlings hence the
obvious and clear hypocrisy,
crookedness, and sheer confusion
associated with the traditional so-called Salat
that most people are increasingly experiencing
especially now that they are having the chance
to be themselves more than any time in the past history,
and especially when they are having a fair and independent
access to knowledge and information, and especially
now that the truth is being revealed!!
It is not a matter of emotion and sentimentalism, it is a matter
of fact and reality and logical prove that is supported by the
clear verses of the book, Salat is not a traditional social
practice or a massive mass form of deception where
people struggle to show themselves, others and GOD
that they are being obedient and faithful
and they are fulfilling their duty to GOD.
Salat is never meant to be this way or serve such a purpose,
Again, Salat is a great vital substantive actual verifiable
process that produces great results and that result
is awareness that naturally leads and results in
purification of the soul which will lead
to passing the VITAL GODLY TEST and
gain HIS acceptance, approval, and HIS
ultimate rewards in heaven, and to escape
his unequaled retribution in Hell!

GOD is my witness, the traditional fake Salat is very similar
to giving a baby that mouth piece to suck on to keep him
busy and thinking that he is sucking his mother’s breast
and getting some feed while he is not!!!!!!
This is the honest to GOD truth, and I’m not here to divert
you from your inherited ritual; I’m simply conveying the
truth to you and helping you to start the true genuine
Islamic process to be able to establish, experience, and
most benefit from the GREAT CONCEPT/REALITY


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