On Israel, Palestine, and Terrorism

Compared to their small population, the Jewish influence is immense in global platform, financially, politically and culturally. Disproportional to their population, Jews have exhibited astonishing examples in both good and bad, in both success and blunder, and they have enjoyed vivid presence in world politics for millenniums. This explains why the Quran mentions them so frequently. Well, may be it is also true the other way around.

After being subjected to genocide and atrocious tortures by fascist forces, Jews were scattered around the world as immigrants. Yet, they did not disappear from the global scene or take centuries to recover, as many other nations would do. As a surprise, with the help of big powers they were able establish their own independent state in 1948, soon after their almost utter annihilation; a state not in Germany, but in their historical land, , which has once again become the focal point of a global conflict; stirring the world by showcasing human aggression, greed, hatred, cruelty, racism, and terror.

As it seems, victim nations too might repeat the crimes of their predators. One would expect
Israel to be the first against racism and colonialism, yet
Israel was the last government that cut its relationship with the racist apartheid regime in
South Africa, reflecting the depth of its racist policy against Palestinians. One would expect
Israel to be the first nation against weapon industry, yet
Israel is one of top weapon manufacturers and exporters in the world. The racist and colonial policy of
Israel is by no means should be generalized to all Jews. There are more Jews in the world who condemn this policy then those who perpetrate it, and many are ashamed of what is being done in their name. While we should condemn terrorism as a method to get back one’s land and independence, we should also mention that there are many Arabs who are hoping for a just solution and  peaceful co-existence with their Jewish cousins.

Jews and Muslims lived together in peace for centuries, and their current conflict is partially due to the early terrorist tactics used by Zionist guerillas in the land, and partially due to a myriad of external forces who are trying to keep the fire burning. These external forces include the ambitions of UK-Inc and USA-Inc, the racist Zionist zealots, corrupt Mullahs, racist Sunni and Shiite zealots, Evangelical Crusaders, and Weapon and Oil industry, which makes big money from the tension in the region.  Unfortunately, super powers who mediated the negotiations have not honestly sought justice in this conflict. Perhaps, they deliberately wanted for a continuous, yet controlled conflict in the region so that they could exploit its rich resources through puppet regimes.

In their pre-emptive war in 1967, the Israeli soldiers carried the verse 2:249 of the Quran over their tanks when they entered Sinai after defeating Arabs, and their misguided Arab nationalism. Ironically, the evildoers among them pushed for further land-grab in the East, thereby subjecting Palestinian natives to racist discrimination, dislocation, humiliation, massacres, destruction of property/infrastructure, legalized torture, and assassinations.
Israel deliberately did not set a border, rather it kept its borders flexible seeking excuses and occasionally provoking its dehumanized subjects so that it could invade new territories and create more settlements. Decades of suffering under the brutal and humiliating fascist occupation destroyed the hopes and aspiration of Palestinian population and it gave birth to suicide bombers, which in turn provided more excuse for the occupational force to continue its invasion and barbarism. The Western propaganda machine distort the real picture of the conflict and deceive Christendom by depicting the victimized Palestinians as the aggressor. The numbers speaks clear. The number Palestinian civilians and children killed by Israeli occupying forces far outweigh the number of Israeli civilians and children killed by suicide bombers. Palestinians gave up continuing a hopeless fight with slings and rocks against tanks. World’s indifference against injustice in the region, and on top of that the support of the super powers of the brutal racist occupation, gave birth to global resentment and hatred among Muslims, triggering a global gang-terrorism challenging the legalized and glorified state-terrorism.

The cycle of violence has since been accelerated by religious fanatics on all sides. The Zionist-Crusader-Capitalist coalition on one side, and the Salafi-Mullah-Taliban coalition on the other side, each adding more fuel to the fire. Each with their own agendas. Zionists hope to grab more land, Crusaders pray for a bloody Armageddon followed by Rapture, the capitalist salivates for more profit from wars; and the other gang weep for Mahdi to come with its sword to seek for Jews hiding behind rocks. Another aspect of recent conflict between Christendom and Muslims is the empty shoes of “evil” after the demise of communism. Global oligarchs, who strengthen their political and financial capital during conflicts and mass paranoia, were looking for a substitute to communism. With a mixture of covert operations, provocations, unjustified wars, tyrant puppets, the lesser-of-two-evil policy, and training future terrorists, the mission is almost accomplished.

Now, Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular will be christened as the new face of devil. Knowing the history, we should not be surprised to witness another genocide and another use of nuclear weapons, followed by tears of regret, confession sessions, and cry of “Never again!” As long as people do not use their God-given reason and follow their clergymen and politicians blindly, Satan will use every tool at its disposal to create artificial divisions, hostility and hatred among the children of Adam. And Satan, who have a successful record of enticing since Cain, has always found religious clergymen and jingoist politicians to be his best horses in his acts of corruption, destruction, and blood-shed on earth.


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